Monday, August 6, 2012

Vince Gill coming to Ole Miss's Ford Center Sept. 13

    For those of you who are into country music, Vince Gill is coming to the Gertrude Ford Center at Ole Miss. As I often mention, this is one of the finest performing arts centers you will find at any university, or for that matter many large cities. It's just unbelievable.
    You can visit the Ford Center webpage announcing the event here. For some reason if you go directly to the Ford Center webpage the link is broken, so use my link if you want tickets (I've emailed them about the problem with their website and I'm sure they'll fix it soon).
    Also, it looks like the Ford Center and the University Box Office once again have made it possible to buy event tickets online. Last year we couldn't do this and could only get them by calling. Once again we can go online and get an idea of how many tickets are available. I really think if buying for a group it will still be necessary to call.
    The system from two years ago would actually show the seats which were sold. I liked this, and it would allow me select an aisle seat. I don't like sitting next to strangers, and by getting an aisle seat I can reduce the number of strangers we sit next to by 50 percent.
    The new system, unfortunately doesn't allow you to pick your seats. But it does allow you to pick your section and then tell you which seats you will receive. You can then take them or go back to the main screen and choose another category of seats.
    For the Vince Gill concert, the Orchestra Pit is sold out and it is impossible to buy more than two seats together in the Orchestra (downstairs) area. This leads me to believe that this even will be a sellout, so get your tickets soon.

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