Friday, August 17, 2012

Jinny found the glider she's been looking for

    When I was a kid my grandmother, Momma Hurdle, always had a glider on the front porch of her house. It finally gave out and was replaced with a "modern" glider that she never really liked too much. What she really wanted was another glider like the one pictured above.
    Jinny has been wanting one of these forever and finally found this one at a shop in Alabama. As for cost, well it was a lot less than they are selling for on eBay. It certainly has a sturdy feel to it. I guess these things have too much metal in them to be affordable today.
    Our new glider comes with two matching chairs. All of them are free of rust or dents and feel pretty sturdy.
    Jinny has found a place in Memphis that will soda blast off the old paint and bits of rust and then paint the furniture with a paint powder that somehow sticks to the metal with an electric charge. The paint is then baked onto the metal, so it won't peel or chip off. That's the plan, anyway. The paint job is going to be pretty reasonable, just over $100, although we may want to do some two-tone stuff that will run up the price a little.
    I'll post photos of our finished lawn furniture in a few weeks.

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