Friday, December 30, 2016

Based on the word's definition, it is Obama, Clinton and their supporters who are the fascists

    I’m not sure how many times I’ve heard Donald Trump being called a “fascist,” or even compared to Adolph Hitler over the past 12 months. Butthurt Democrats have gone into high gear since they learned voters don’t want the crap they’re peddling.
    The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Rockettes are scheduled to perform for Trump’s inauguration, but many of the Rockettes are being allowed to opt out (can you imagine if they refused to perform for Obama?). And Mormon choir members are free not to attend, but for one member, Jan Chamberlin, that wasn’t enough; she posted a long Facebook post explaining that she was resigning from the choir on the grounds that Trump was a “fascist.”
    In a now-private post (a copy of which can be accessed here), Chamberlin said, “I also know, looking from the outside in, it will appear that Choir is endorsing tyranny and fascism by singing for this man.” She also wrote: “I only know I could never ‘throw roses to Hitler.’ And I certainly could never sing for him.” Of course, she wasn't being asked to sing for Trump; she was welcome not to attend, but she wanted to make a big splash.
    Chamberlin is just one of thousands of people who are spouting off daily, calling Trump and his supporters “fascists.” The term is a bit nebulous, but let’s see if we can try to define it.
    I think we can all agree that a fascist is one who wants to rule dictatorially or autocratically. A fascist is prone to seize control of the military, or use it for his own ends. A fascist is one who threatens other countries without justification. Is that a reasonable definition?
    Now let’s look at the views of Donald Trump and compare them to our current president, Barack Obama, and his would-be successor, Hillary Clinton. In this way we can determine whether or not Trump is or is not a fascist.
    Donald Trump seeks to enforce our nation’s immigration laws and obey his oath of office. Barack Obama violated his oath of office by refusing to enforce our immigration laws, an autocratic, totalitarian, and fascist action. Hillary Clinton said she would do the same.
   The street thuggery we have seen this year has been organized by Clinton supporters. Violence at Trump campaigns was carefully orchestrated by volunteers and paid homeless and mentally ill people who were instructed to start fights where they would be sure to get press coverage. Trump supporters have been violently beaten throughout the nation. All of this is identical to the tactics used by Adolph Hitler’s Brown Shirts in the 1930s to intimidate political opponents. Once again, it is Hillary Clinton and her supporters who are the fascists, not Trump.
    Whatever one’s opinion on both Gulf Wars, both George Bushes only did what Congress told them to do, and acted pursuant to authorization of the U.S. Congress. In Libya, Obama sought and gained permission from the United Nations – but not the U.S. Congress – to establish a no-fly zone over eastern Libya in order to aid Al Qaeda terrorists seeking to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi (Nobody has adequately explained why our nation chose to aid Al Qaeda terrorists in a fight against a man who had become a stalwart ally in the war against terror). Obama chose, without authorization, to simply bomb all of Libya and murder Gaddafi, killing many of his children and grandchildren in the process; Libya thus became an absolutely ungovernable hellhole. Not only were his actions a violation of international law and war crimes, but Obama intentionally violated the U.S. War Powers Act by failing to get Congressional approval of his military adventure within 30 days of the commitment of American troops. Hillary Clinton supported this. This type of military adventurism, in contravention of both international and American law, is the very core of what fascism is. Trump opposes this type of military adventurism. Thus it is Obama and Clinton who are fascists, not Trump.
    I wrote more than five years ago, when I was vociferously opposing Obama’s insane Libyan massacre, that Obama was intentionally creating a regional war throughout the Mid-East that would have terrible consequences. You can read my entire blog post by clicking here, but it’s important to note that I wrote this FIVE LONG YEARS AGO, when “violence” in Syria was simply a few street protests:
There have been numerous reports that the violence in Syria has been fomented by American agents. It's also been encouraged by the NATO bombing of Libyan loyalists. Perhaps with good cause, as the Syrians have been a puppet of Iran and an enemy of the U.S., but the unrest in the Arab world has been carefully planned and calculated. Of course, when America murders Arab children – and make no mistake NATO targeted children – it's just war. When Arabs murder American children it's terrorism. I confess I don't understand the difference. Why does America want turmoil in the Mid-East?
    By supporting terrorists and intentionally causing the Syrian civil war Obama and Clinton are responsible for more than 300,000 deaths and the displacement of more than 10 million people. There is not one whit of difference in killing these people by supporting terrorists and in killing them by loading them on a train and sending them to a concentration camp. Obama and Clinton are fascists in the mold of Adolph Hitler; they are truly evil.
    All Donald Trump wants to do is to enforce our laws, bring the global corporations to heel, and seek world peace. Those who would call him a “fascist” do so only in an attempt to distract people from the thuggishness and fascism of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The behavior and belief system of Obama and Clinton is pure, crystalline fascism in its most evil form, and it is the duty of all real Americans to oppose it.
    We can start by calling these fascists and their supporters “fascists.”

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Under Obama America has been a force for evil, while Putin's Russia has been force for good

    Despondent, deranged Democrats angry over the rejection of Hillary Clinton by America’s proletariat are blaming Russia for their party’s defeat at the polls. Without a shred of evidence they claim that Russia hacked various campaign servers and released truthful but damaging information about Clinton and her campaign.
    We repeatedly are reminded that Russia is our enemy. Clinton promised to start a war with Russia if elected and most Democrats, along with kooky John McCain, found that idea just peachy.
    We’re told that we should simply believe our government if it says Russia hacked Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server. This is the same government that was convinced our ambassador to Libya was murdered by a spontaneous uprising of citizens upset over a Youtube video; these people are clueless at best. As long as Clinton and Obama are anywhere near the levers of power, nothing coming out of Washington is to be believed.
    All of this Russian bear-baiting is dangerous; enough sabre-rattling can cause a war. Those who are living in the past believe Russia is our enemy. It isn’t. Russia and the United States have common interests and no reason for conflict.
    Those who think Russia our enemy should ask themselves exactly “why” Russia is our enemy. For roughly 60 years Russia was our enemy because it wasn’t so much a country as it was an ideological movement, with the mission of spreading Communism to every corner of the globe. It was the fight against Communism, and the fight against Communism alone, which made Russia our enemy.
    America won the Cold War; Russia and Communism lost. Today Russia is a nationalistic country, and that’s a good thing. Nationalistic countries act in a logical, predictable, and usually reasonable manner. Russia today seeks to advance its interests, not to export its vision.
    Over the past eight years Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have exported revolution and terror to the Middle East. They attacked our ally in the war on terror, Libya, and left that country a hornet’s nest of terrorists. They supported the overthrow of our ally Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, who was replaced by the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. Obama howled with rage when the Egyptian military threw the  terrorists out and held a new election in which the people chose secular leader Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as president; thank goodness the terrorists were thwarted.
    And then there is Syria, which is under the leadership of Bashar al-Assad, a modern, secular leader. Five years ago the CIA and Saudi Arabia funded violent street protests by Islamic Extremists against Assad that Obama and various neocon warmongers carefully fanned into a civil war, which they continued to fund. The result has been hundreds of thousands dead and an immigration crisis that is tearing Europe apart.
    My gut feeling is that Russia was not responsible for providing the accurate material that Wikileaks released which showed the Hillary Clinton and her supporters were liars and crooks. But if they did, they deserve our thanks.
    It’s time for a scorecard: Obama and the Democrats interfered with the Israeli elections. Obama traveled to Great Britain to campaign against Brexit, and threatened to treat Britain like dirt if they voted to "leave." Obama orchestrated the coup in the Ukraine which led to that country’s civil war. Obama supported terrorists throughout the Middle East, including al Qaeda, with disastrous results. If it is wrong to interfere in the affairs of other countries, why did Obama do it so much?
    In 1983 Ronald Reagan famously called the Soviet Union an Evil Empire; it was at the time. Yet today it is the United States, under the leadership of Barack Obama and various neocon warmongers, which has become the Evil Empire.
    The Democrats seem puzzled why they are unable to whip Americans into a frenzy of Russia-hatred. The reason is simple: Under Obama the United States has become a force for evil in the world, while under Vladamir Putin Russia has become a force for good. Russia is not our enemy; Obama and the Democrats are.