Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lusa's to have three locations while cheap steaks return to Rooster's on Tuesdays

    Lusa's Cafe is opening in two new locations, with scheduled openings in about a month. The current location on North Lamar will remain open.
    They will have one location in the shopping mall across from Wal-Mart, a few storefronts up from Newk's. Another location will be on Thacker Road in the old Bungalow location.
    In other dining news, discount steaks are back at Roosters. In the past they've offered 2-1 steaks on Tuesday nights. This changed to 50 percent off the second steak. Now they are offering a $15 special which features a ribeye, filet, or Grove kebob, plus a trip to the salad bar. My guess is the steaks may be a bit smaller than the regular menu steaks, but we'll see. Anyway, this is a good deal, and Rooster's usually does a good job on their steaks.
    For much of the summer Rooster's had brown paper over their windows downstairs, so they clearly were remodeling. I'm eager to see what changes they've made and to try out the new steak special.
    I wish the proprietors of both establishments well!

Addendum, 8-13-12: My wife and I tried to eat at Lusa's for brunch on Sunday. We sat down and waited for 10 to 15 minutes to be waited on as several servers walked by, working hard not to make eye contact lest they have to actually serve us. We left. I guess I won't be back for a while until they can get some servers who want to wait on the customers.

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