Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oxford-Lafayette football game to be televised regionally to millions of households Aug. 30

    The Oxford Chargers are used to playing before thousands of fans in their annual match-up against the Lafayette County Commodores, but on Thursday, August 30 they will be playing to a potential crowd of millions.
    The annual Oxford-Lafayette showdown is scheduled to be the Sports South High School Game of the Week, with a potential viewership in the millions. I suppose this can change, but that's the plan for now. So television time ain't just for the Rebels these days!
    This announcement was made at the Meet the Chargers Monday night, hosted by the Chargers Booster Club. If this comes to pass certainly it will be a real feather in the cap of Oxford coach Johnny Hill, who has ably coached the Chargers since shortly after I graduated high school. I hope that doesn't make him feel too old.
    The Booster Club is offering a season pass to athletic events that is a pretty good deal. Booster Club membership with a season pass is $50. An additional pass is $40. Student passes for Oxford School District students are $25 each. So a family of four can get season passes to all athletic events for $165. For $250 one can become a "Super Charger," and no doubt be identified as such, and get four passes plus reserved chairbacks for all the football games, which might come in handy, as seats can be hard to come by.
    For $500 one can get eight reserved chairback seats at football games and eight season passes. I'm not sure we have that many friends, but I'm kind of fat and don't like to sit next to strangers, so I guess having eight seats would give me plenty of room to spread out!
    In reality we're debating whether to spend $165 or $250 and have the reserved seats. But $165 for four passes to every sporting event all year is a great deal. A family that attends only a few football games, a few more basketball games and a few other sporting events will easily save money with the pass. And since the pass is paid for it makes supporting the home team a no-brainer.

Click here and it should bring up an Acrobat file that is an application for Booster Club membership and season pass purchase. If that doesn't work, pester Booster Club president Cal Mayo.

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