Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good moms allow their kids to blow their money on beer, not soap and deodorant

    In the category of advertisements I don't quite understand, points out to parents that college students frequently waste their money on such things as "binge drinking," with 30 percent of college students slamming down an average of more than nine drinks at a time.
    As a result of all the fun times, many students don't have enough money to spend on necessities, such as deodorant, laundry detergent, and healthy snacks. So what is a loving parent to do?
    Send a care package from home, of course, through! As the ad says, "College is a time for coming of age, making big decisions and becoming independent…and while all that is important, it’s a lot for a student to handle! Let them know they’re loved by Mom, not snubbed by Mom." That way their children won't have to suffer any ill effects from their decision to blow their whole budget on beer.
    So drink up lads, snacks, soap, and deodorant are on the way!

The ad was too big to include in my blog, but to see the ad, click right here.

Or click here to see a Acrobat version of the ad.


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