Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Children teach your parents well; Ron Paul leads among young voters

    Rick Perry (gag) is now the favorite among Republicans for that party's nomination, according to an August 24 Gallup Poll. He has the support of 29 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents. Mitt Romney, once the invinceable man, now has 17 percent. Ron Paul, the man the media loves to ignore, comes in third at 13 percent.
    The same poll shows Ron Paul with a strong lead in the 18-29 age group. Paul leads Perry and Romney 29-21-11. That's a strong lead that shouldn't be ignored, but the media ignore it. See the John Stewart video I posted recently, Ron Paul is the invisible man.
    I like Michelle Bachmann, but I worry that her religious views might get in the way of governance. I like Sarah Palin a lot, but she is damaged goods. The media managed to smear her, and she wasn't strong enough or smart enough to beat them. I like Mitt Romney, but we all know he's a slightly liberal establishment Republican whose support has been wide but thin. I absolutely love Chris Christie, but he won't run.
    As for Rick Perry, he's just not for me. I'll leave it at that, because if he gets the nomination I will nevertheless support him.
    I suspect there are a lot of reasons that young voters like Ron Paul. He's plain spoken. He's consistent. And he's for peace.
    Let's repeat that. He's for peace. He is the only candidate of either party who supports peace.
    Four years ago Paul stood up to all of his fellow Republicans who were trumpeting the greatness of war. Paul said he was opposed to any military action that wasn't authorized by Congress. In other words, he was the only candidate to support the Constitution. Check out the video I found on Youtube and see for yourself.
    Everyone thought Barrack Obama was going to bring peace, but instead he's brought us more war, including a humdinger of a civil war in Libya, where he attacked one of our allies in the war against Al Qaeda. What an idiot!
    When Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, most people in England supported him. They found his initial demands reasonable. The royal family favored Hitler. Most elected officials supported him. One lone nut in Parliament kept lecturing his peers about the danger that Hitler's Germany posed to England. He was generally treated as an outcast and an object of ridicule.
    That man's name was Winston Churchill. He was eventually proven right and England realized he was the leader it needed.
    Ron Paul is America's Churchill. He has consistently preached the same message for years and often been derided as a kook. Yet he's been right.
    I don't agree with every position that Ron Paul takes. I'm not required to. Our nation needs more liberty, not more government. We need peace, not war. So far Ron Paul is the only candidate for people who want less government and more peace. The election is a long ways off and my mind can always be changed, but for now Ron Paul has my support.

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jmsrobertson90 said...

Well said. As the leader of the Ole Miss chapter of Young Americans for Liberty, I can tell you that support for the ideas of liberty has increased enormously during my short time here at Ole Miss. It's an exciting time for this movement.