Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jacob Briscoe kidnapped; have you seen him?

    A friend of mine from Marshall County, now living in the Atlanta area, is living a real nightmare. His 2.5-year-old son, Jacob Briscoe, went for a two-week visit with his mother and she has failed to return him. She is presumed to have kidnapped him and a warrant has been issued for her arrest. This happened a month ago and his son is still missing.
    Not that my blog gets a lot of traffic, but I do get people who show up here from web searches. So I'm posting this "wanted" poster in hopes that perhaps it might help in finding Jacob.
    From the Save Jacob Briscoe Facebook page:
I am reaching out to all of you to try to spread this information all over the United States. My son, Jacob is missing. His mother, Kathleen Salsberg ("Kathy") took him for a 2 week visit on July 7th from Marietta, GA and was to return him on July 21st at 5pm. I have yet to hear from her at all. Please send this information to everyone you have on your email address list and hopefully we will get this to someone that can help us. She has made mention to her family that she was going to either New Mexico, Montana, or North Dakota to get away for the impending "nuclear disaster" that was going to devastate the eastern United States and those are the last words we have heard from her. This came from her brother in TN.
    Obviously this woman has some problems. If you see them, please help! Also, if you have a business or have access to a high-traffic location, please consider printing out this poster and sticking in your window, on your cash register or somewhere where it can be seen.

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