Sunday, August 28, 2011

Priority Club offer: Try four brands and earn 2,000 bonus points per night through end of year

    Okay hotel travelers, Priority Club has a somewhat decent offer running from Sept. 15 through the end of the year.
    You can get the details on the website: Earn up to 80,000 Points Sep 15 through Dec 31.
    The bottom line on this offer is that you will get 500 bonus points per night at any Priority Club hotel. That total increases by 500 each time you add a new brand until you stay at four different brands. So if you stay at a Holiday Inn, a Holiday Inn Express, a Crowne Plaza and a Staybridge or Candlewood, each night (not stay) will earn you 2,000 additional bonus points.
    Priority Club tends to have lots of stackable bonus point offers. You can read about these on the Flyertalk website. Most hotels also allow you to earn up to 3,000 additional points per night by paying an extra five or 10 dollars. Sometimes this is a good deal. Bottom line is that with this offer you should be able to earn anywhere from 5,000 to as many as 8,000 points per night.
    Priority Club is without question the best loyalty program when it comes to earning free hotel nights while staying at a decent hotel. The downside is that PC hotels just aren't as consistent as Hiltons or Marriotts, nor do they regularly provide elite benefits such as an executive lounge or room upgrades for elite members. So it's a trade off: a little less comfort on the front end for lots more free hotel rooms on the back end.
    For Jinny, the choice is usually Hilton or Marriott. She likes the extra comfort (although my understanding is that Holiday Inn Express may actually be nicer than Hampton Inn.). But I'm going to encourage her to pick up a few Priority Club stays in the next few months.
    Of course, if you don't travel enough to earn Marriott, Hilton or other elite status, then Priority Club is probably where you need to be. This is a good offer.

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