Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why desn't media report that London riots caused by immigrants?

    London is in flames. Rioters and looters are running amok.
    The rioting started over the death of one Mark Duggan, who was killed in a shootout with police. It is unknown whether he was shooting at police or whether the driver or the minicab he was riding in did the shooting.
    What's so special about Mark Duggan, you might ask? Finally a columnist for the London Telegraph tells us the secret that every newspaper has refused to print.
What colour is Mark Duggan? Mark Duggan is the man who was shot dead by the police on Thursday in Tottenham. The Tottenham riots last night were sparked when people protested his death. This morning, I first heard of the riots on the radio, then on the television. I read articles on the internet. But oddly, no one would say what colour Mark Duggan was. No one would say the unsayable, that the rioters were, I suspect on the whole, black. Then, finally, Toby Young’s Telegraph blog post on the riots was published. Is Toby Young the only journalist out there who will dare say that these riots are about race?

Still, one paper did carry a photo of Mr Duggan. When I saw the photo, it confirmed what I knew instinctively: black youths once again have set London alight.

Some of the black kids I used to teach will tell you that the riots are absolutely justified. A number of adults would agree with them. Everywhere I read that the protest was understandable because “people are very angry”.
    In other words, Mark Duggan is a member of the Afro-Caribbean immigrant community. He was likely born in Britain to immigrant parents, or perhaps he was the grandchild of immigrants. But in the end he is a part of a dysfunctional immigrant community that has not been able to adjust to the radically different life that exists in Britain in comparison to various home countries.
    Common sense dictates that if you let a bunch of poor immigrants into your country disaster will loom down the road. France has a similar problem with Muslim immigrants who are constantly on a crime spree. It's a problem for all of Europe.
    The solution is to limit immigration of those who are radically different from a country's native population. That doesn't mean eliminate immigration; it means control it. No nation should allow any person to immigrate unless that person will be an asset to that nation as a whole. Too many nations, including the United States, have lost sight of that fact.
    Let's build a fence and expel all the illegal immigrants. Then we as a nation can start offering citizenship to people who we believe will actually improve us as a nation.
    As for Britain, maybe they should consider paying these people $50,000 or so each to renounce their citizenship and go back to their country of origin. Whatever the cost, it would be a bargain.


Anonymous said...

this has got to be the most racist article i have ever read....not only should the writer be ashamed of himself but you should be ashamed of yourself for putting this up....

Anonymous said...

Why? If its true? Some races have also higher iqs than other races. Do you have a problem in speaking these issues rationally and calmly without demonizing others.

Anonymous said...

The problem lies in taking asylum seekers and immigrants into working class communities struggling to find work and good paying jobs. Local citizens have no choice when foreign groups are brought into their towns and villages and everyone is expected to assimilate and share the limited resources. Western Europe and the United States governments have increased their immigration numbers without consent or concern for the local, native born citizens. The first generation immigrants are grateful for a better way of life. The second, native born generations have a sense of entitlement and wanting a standard of living that took local citizens several generations to achieve.

Anonymous said...

because it is not true & you have an extremely closed & racist mindset....i can speak about any issue rationally & calmly....i am not an asylum seekers or immigrant but i know a lot of people who are....if you followed the news carefully or were in the area then you would realise there were many white english born non-asylum seekers & non-immigrants who were very much part of the looting & riots....get your facts straight....

Col. Reb Sez said...

Let the record show that there certainly were some white looters once the looting got started in earnest. The overwhelming majority were from the Afro-Caribbean community. Just look at the photos. The Wall Street Journal reports that ethnic tensions are on the rise because blacks are targeting Asians. It says nothing about whites attacking Asians.

From the Christian Science Monitor:
The catalyst for the riots was the death of Mark Duggan, who was shot by police in Tottenham – a district in north London where race riots erupted in 1985.

Many of the details about why Mr. Duggan became involved in a clash with police and what happened are fuzzy, the Guardian reports. What is known is that Duggan grew up in Tottenham and was on his way home in a cab on Thursday night when police approached him. Initial reports suggested that Duggan shot first, hitting a police radio, but later reports said that the bullet lodged in the radio was a police-issued bullet.

Reports indicate that Duggan may have been linked to the local Star Gang and to other north London gangs, according to a Guardian profile. He was under investigation by a police unit that oversees gun crimes in the black community.

However, his relatives denied that Duggan – a father of three – was involved in gangs and said he was a family man who would not have shot at police.

Finally, let me note that immigration can be a great thing. But the fact that so many children and grandchildren of immigrants are living in government housing is proof that Britain let in a lot of people it should not have. Countries don't need to eliminate immigration, they just need to be stricter about whom they admit and do it at a rate that allows for proper assimilation.