Saturday, August 20, 2011

Florida man with 34 arrests terrorizes neighbors

    A Tampa Bay, Florida television station is reporting that a neighborhood is scared of one of its residents, who they "feel has a drinking problem." Ya think?
    Here's the story:
New Port Richey, Florida - Residents of a Pasco County neighborhood say they're living in fear and frustration because of a violent neighbor who they feel has a drinking problem.

They say 52-year-old Dale McDaniel has chased neighbors down with a chainsaw and even assaulted a disabled man confined to a wheelchair by slapping him in the face with a fish.

"He's a scary person, especially when he gets violent," said neighbor Victoria Breitfeller. "He's grabbed me by the throat in the past. That's not something you forget."

Neighbors say not only does McDaniel have an overgrown, trash-filled yard, but he can often be seen urinating in it. He's also known to shout profanities at those who walk past his house.

McDaniel admits he's been arrested 34 times in Pasco County. Deputies were called out to his home Thursday after receiving more complaints from neighbors.

"They've had problems with me for years and I ain't worried about it," said McDaniel Friday afternoon. "I'm not a menace. They just don't know how to deal with me."

But many neighbors are convinced McDaniel has a severe drinking problem. Some of them are working to get restraining orders against their neighbor, convinced he is a danger.

    Maybe after say 25 arrests society could just take guys like this to an island with other like-minded individuals. Give them all two beers a day for all I care. But keep them away from the rest of society.
    Would you want this guy living in your neighborhood? If not, he ought not be allowed to live in anybody else's neighborhood, either.

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