Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ron Paul is the Invisible Man

    Jon Stewart tells it like it is when it comes to the media and Ron Paul. Michelle Bachman barely edges him out in the Iowa Straw poll and the media declares it a three-candidate race between Bachman, Perry and Romney.
    Paul is apparently the only candidate from either party who is in favor of peace. Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for some strange reason and then started a war that is going to fester for decades. All the Republicans want war. Paul supports peace.
    The man may or may not have what it takes to win the nomination, but to simply ignore him while continuing to mention candidates like Jon Huntsman is an outrage.

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jmsrobertson90 said...

Indeed. The media likes to chalk up his success at events like Ames to his "small, devoted, highly organized crowd." To me, this shows that Paul's campaign has the message and organizational power to motivate people not just to attend these events, but to vote for him. That seems like a good indicator for the strength of the campaign. Alas, the mainstream outlets focus only on their predetermined "front-runners." This was not so surprising during Paul's run in '08, but it's reaching the point to where Paul is making waves, and it will become harder and harder for them to ignore him.