Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Syria's civil war is theirs alone; they are acting just as the U.S. would, and has before

    I always thought the official opinion of the United States was that it was perfectly acceptable to crush a rebellion through massive military force.
    For example, when the Southern states voted to exercise their right of self-determination, our dear Northern friends came down and killed a quarter- to half-a-million of us. Then they burned everyone's houses, killed their livestock, stole anything they could and turned the South into a permanent colony of the North. No hard feelings of course -- just a detail of history.
    But now, to justify interfering in the Arab world our leaders have taken the opinion that governments don't have the right to maintain order. In Libya, we ordered Gaddafi to just leave anyone who wanted to run riot alone. When terrorist rabble attacked his troops he refused do allow it, so Obama had his family murdered, then hunted him down and had him sodomized and killed. (Please, please, please, don't let me hear another Democrat talk about George Bush "war crimes" so long as this modern-day Jack the Ripper remains in the White House.)
    Now we're after Syria. It seems that when citizens who are unhappy with the government have fired guns at soldiers the soldiers acted with poor form in firing back. What an outrage! Everyone knows these government soldiers should simply allow themselves to be killed in the name of serving NATO.
    What's going on in the Middle East? I think it's fair to say there is some civil unrest. And civil unrest is dealt with in one way and one way only: the government gets guns or tanks, points them at those causing unrest and says "stop or we'll shoot." In Syria the protesters aren't stopping and so the government is shooting.
    When civil unrest gets bad enough, it's called a civil war. Perhaps Syria has reached this point. One thing you don't do in a war is stop shooting until the other side has surrendered. We hear a lot of quack-quack-quack about how the Syrian army is shelling a couple of cities that have harbored rebels. The fact is that these cities chose to harbor rebels and are now suffering the consequences. Essentially they asked to be shelled and the Syrian government is obliging them.
    We shouldn't be taking sides in a sectarian war. The president of Syria is an Alawite, a group that makes up about 15 percent of the population. In the Middle East there are numerous semi-secret religions, the Alawi being one of them. One hundred years ago they could be described as half-Christian, half-Shia. In recent years they have moved from Christianity towards Islam. It's hard to say for sure, since they have few or no written texts, or none they care to share. Because of their minority status, Alawites have opposed Muslim extremists, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, which they see as a threat to themselves and to Syria's Christians.
    Syria has been aligned in recent years with Iran. We don't like Iran. Saudi Arabia and Eygpt don't like Iran, either, because Iran is Shiite and Saudi Arabia and Egypt are Sunni. So nothing would suit the Saudis more than to foment turmoil in Syria; and since we as Americans do what our Saudi masters tell us to do, we're pushing to overthrow the Syrian government, too.
    In fact, Saudi Arabia has made no secret of the fact that it is arming those who are attempting to topple the Syrian government and replace it with a radical Islamic regime. I certainly believe that the United States has had a heavy hand in creating all of the Mid-East unrest of the past several years.
    Is there any doubt what would happen if a person or group of people took up weapons and started shooting at the White House with the stated intent of overthrowing the government? I can assure you the president would not simply hand over the government. These people would be arrested if they could be easily arrested, if not they would be shot dead. And don't give me any of this nonsense about our government not killing civilians. Ever hear of Waco? Ruby Ridge? The innocent Serbian journalists murder by Wesley Clark? Muammar Gaddafi's grandchildren?
    In other words the Syrian government is acting exactly as our government would act if faced with people trying to overthrow it with force of arms.
    Every civil war ends, and when it does the people who win are heroes and those who lose are goons and traitors. I don't know which side will win in Syria, and as long as the United States doesn't get involved I don't care. It's time to resurrect the Monroe Doctrine and limit ourselves to the Americas and let Europe and the Mid-East handle their own war. It's their war and I'm willing to let them fight it.
    What's really going on is that the money interests in the U.S. are trying hard to start a regional war in the Mid-East. Saudi Arabia is apparently convinced that this war will serve its interests, as it has been doing everything it can to destabilize its neighbors.
    I said a long time ago I thought we might intentionally be trying to disrupt the Mid-East in order to hurt China, as China depends far more than we do on the Mid-East for oil. In some ways this is a brilliant cold-war-type military strategy.
    But we don't need to be doing this. The regional war we are trying to start will not serve America's long-term interests. Should we feel the need to step in and "crush" Syria and attack Iran, we will win at some cost, but we are likely to find out what terrorism really is.
    When it comes to foreign policy, don't kid yourself about Obama being better than Bush. In my opinion he is far worse. But at best it's the same people calling the shots. Everybody wants war, nobody wants peace, and our future is bleak. The good news is that Russia just stationed some peacekeepers in Syria; unlike NATO, Russia might actually bring peace.
    Just be aware of that when you hear news stories from Syria or Iran that are upsetting and make you want to commit American troops to solve the problem that you've been played. Somebody's pulling your strings and you, like many others, are playing the part of a puppet.


Pugnacious said...

The ultimate solution to the Israeli problem is an end all military and economic "grants" to all nations in the Middle East, and for the US State Department to pursue an evenhanded foreign policy, begining with the recognition of the "right of return" of the displaced Palestians ethnically cleansed from their homes in 1947-1948.

There is nothing "exceptional" about the Judenstat in the international community outside of the DC Beltway, London and Occupied Palestine.

A simple solution would be a "tweaking twist" on Mississippi's Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek that resulted in a peaceful resolution to the mass immigration of European squatters into the Choctaw Nation. The Choctaws were bought out with land and a promise of passage to a new Choctaw Nation in "unsettled" territory, if they did not want to become "Americans." Sadly for some, those wagons and ships that were promised in the treaty to transfer them to their new homes, never showed up.

However, Instead of the indigenous Palestinians pulliong up ancestral roots and being offered safe haven and compensation in another territory, why not offer the relatively recent Zionist emigres from the Caucasus(the khazar tribes aka Ashkenazis) a cash buyout upon renouncing their so-called "birthright to the Promised Land" and emigrating to another country that would want them.

Most of these Zionists squatters are fluent in english, dual-citizenship and cosmopolitsan rather than agrarian in their lifestyle.

You can bet that a buyout of $1,000,000 per family of four would encourage them to emigrate to NYC, LA, Miami or Brighton Beach.
There are some studies that estimate the cost of establishing and maintaining the Judenstat has cost US taxpayers over $3,000,000,000,000 in current US dollars since 1948.

Yes, that's three trillion US dollars.

More from Steven Walt:

(Both Walt and Mearshimer have been banned by Brian Lamb from appearing on C-SPAN. I have always wonderd how that guy(Brian Lamb) ended up with the NPC's Fourth Estate Award. Ditto Barrack Obama with the Noble Peace Prize.


Pugnacious said...

As for Libya being an airfield for the US blitz on Syria,, Ben Toledano over at NMC said that what he wanted after Khaddafi had been "liquidated" by Obama, was claim to Wheelus Air base in Triploi.

I wish Ben would tell us more about the death of Huey P. Long. He knows more than he's telling.

Did you know that the "Longs of Louisiana" really hailed from Smith County, Mississippi?

Pugnacious said...

It's too bad that Barbour, reportedly a descendant of Greewood LeFlore, did not bring up this Dancing Rabbit solution to Netanyahu in his foreign policy briefing over in Israel last year.

Or maybe that was discussed during Barbour's entertaining Uzi Landau(Netanyahu's "settlements" Pro Consul ) at the governor's mansion in October of 2010. For some reason, the Uzi Landau meeting never got much "press."

I don't think that Landau made it to the Paul Gallo show.


Col. Reb Sez said...

However ill-advised the creation of Israel as a nation might have been, it exists and should continue to exist. I don't agree that Palestinians were "expelled" from Israel; in fact, most apparently left on orders from other Arabs to facilitate attacks on Israel.

There should be no right of return, any more than Sudetenland Germans should have a right of return, or Mexicans who left the California territory 250 years ago should have a right of return. It's done, everybody has to live where they are now.

The key is that Jordan must be forced to reassert authority over the West Bank. It can be treated as an autonomous region, but can't be used as a staging ground for perpetual war against Israel.

Oh, I do agree with you that the money spigot to the Mid-East just needs to be turned off. These are grown-ups, and they can fund their own affairs.

Pugnacious said...

I don't agree that Palestinians were "expelled" from Israel; in fact, most apparently left on orders from other Arabs to facilitate attacks on Israel.~

If you'd read Menachem Begin's own words on the expulsion of the Arabs in his book, The Revolt:The Story of the Irgun, you will see that incidents like Deir Yassin were repeated throughout Palestine and were geared to "terrorize" and force the Palestinians into exile. Their flight from their homes and villages in Palestine had nothing to do with "orders from higherups."

Begin went on to receive the Nobel Peace Prize along with Eli Wiezel who was also a member of Begin's terrorist Irgun. As there is no evidence that Wiezel was at Deir Yassin, there is also no evidence that he was at Auschwitz, Poland as he has claimed. Eli Wiezel is a known poseur as borne out by the late Christopher Hitchens' expose on the life of Wiezel.

But if non-humanitarian US foreign aid to Israel ever ends, as you agree that it must, by default and demographics alone Israel will cease to be Der Judenstat ONLY. The Zionists that choose to stay there will have to integrate and share political power with the indigenous Palestinans.

Khaddafi's prophecy-- as related to Larry King in that "wierd" NYC interview- on the issue of Israelis reconciliation with the Arabs will be fullfilled.

Pugnacious said...

The late Khaddafi's Al Qaeda Is Here In New York interview with Larry King.

Sadly, thanks to Obama's SEAL Team lynching, there will never be a "court decision" that OBL did 9/11 as Khaddafi relates to in this interview with King.

Khaddafi explains the workings of Israetine to a skeptical NYC Jew:


Pugnacious said...

I don't want to offend you, as you have been most tolerant in allowing me to post "unpopular" commentary on your blog.

But your comment that the Palestinians in 1947 fled their villages and homes, not because of the terror campaign mounted against them (and the British Mandate authorities) by the likes of Begin, Shamir and Stern, but because the Arab leaders wanted to "facilitate attacks on Israel," sounds as though it came right out of the mouth of Eli Wiesel.

I suspect that you may have attended, and had been influenced by, Wiesel's 2010(?)appearance at Ole Miss that was financed by Jim Barksdale?

I suspected as much when you took down the assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte video link a few weeks back.

The late(and great) Christoper Hitchens on Eli Wiesel:

Col. Reb Sez said...


I will clarify. I think you are likely correct that many Palestinians were driven from their homes by Jews eager to defend themselves. It is my belief that many left under instructions from Arab leaders in order to clear the area to facilitate attacks on Jews.

I'm just not willing to go back in time forever and find new solutions essentially 100 years later. And I'm not willing to let one side "win" by virtue of being irresponsible and not practicing birth control. If there ever is to be a right of return, it will need to be based on primogeniture. Each person who left Israel in 1947 can't be replaced with 500 today.

I still believes the solution lies with Jordan. And make no mistake, if Jordan refuses to exercise sovereignty over its territory, then the nation which took it in war is entitled to keep it. That's not a good long-term solution, but Jordan must be forced to step up to the plate.

I don't approve of a lot of Israeli behavior, but I don't care much for the behavior of the Palestinian leadership, either. While all of these "leaders" are bickering, there sure is a lot of suffering going on.

Oh, and I didn't see Wiesel.

And back to Syria. In Assad, Israel had an enemy it knew and after a fashion could trust. If he is replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood it's not going to be good for anyone.

Pugnacious said...

If there ever is to be a right of return, it will need to be based on primogeniture. Each person who left Israel in 1947 can't be replaced with 500 today.~

So you do recognize that a Palestinian Arab with deed-in-hand is entitled to NOT have his land confiscated by Uzi Landau's Settlement Ministry and his home bulldozed away for the settlement of new Jewish emigrees from the former Soviet Union, Miami, LA and NYC?

And if Landau "rules" against the lanowners, who are the Palestinian landowners gonna' call? The US continues to use its veto power at the UN Security Council to block every attempt to enforce UN Resolutions on this very "settlements" issue.

A "Dancing Rabbit" plan would be a step in the right direction on the settlements imbroglio, but I don't ever see the boy King of Jordan in the role of a Greenwood LeFlore. His "daddy" King was a CIA operative.

The UN needs another Dag Hammarskjold at the helm, but all I can see on the horizon are "toadies" for NATO.

Pugnacious said...

Maps are important and they do tell a story on how how we got to the Middle East imbroglio.

I offer these maps into evidence as to WHY we have gotten ourselves involved in this $3,000,000,000,00 money pit.

If Americans only knew...


Pugnacious said...

While Barack Obama interjects himself into a criminal case in Florida, he and NATO's generals are planning mass murder in Iran at the behest of the POTUS' wirepullers in Tel Aviv.

When Fidel speaks, the World listens...outside Tel Aviv, DC, London and Paris, anyway.


Pugnacious said...

On Obama's AFRICOM campaign and Governor Bryant's committing Mississippi National Guard troops to the "killing fields" in South Sudan, Uganda and Rwanda.

And Tom Freeland still believes that Obama isn't the worst President in US history...and still intends to vote for his re-election. However, the Republicans are no better and would probably just argue for more and bigger bombs.


Pugnacious said...


A bit off topic, but being a "landman"/attorney, I thought I'd ask you if you had ever had any experience with Sanborn Maps.

A few weeks ago, I had a land survey conducted of small parcels of land in downtown Crawford that I had either inherited or had purchased from the heirs of previous citizens of Crawford. This was a "cotton" town in the middle of the Prairie back in its heyday, but "white flight" resulted in a dying commumity with historic buildings that have now fallen in disrepair through neglect. After one of the historic building was torched in a drug turf war just two lots down from my building in February, I have decided to fence off an area where the Move Out Boys gang conducts their illegal drug commerce in plain view of Lowndes County law enforcement.

But when the surveyors could not tie back in to the starting point, I finally told them to cancel the work until more information could be obtained.

Since the Town of Crawford can be documented as burning to the ground back around 1870, I think that any records or maps from that time burned, too. The present Town of Crawford lies within one-hundred yards of the the M&O Railroad that was built through the area in 1850 or earlier. I can document that a M&O rail spur into Columbus was built in 1850.

Then I came across the link below from today's Commercial-Dispatch on these bottle-hunters that use "Sanborn Maps" to document the location of long gone historic structures(cisterns and privy locations).

I got online and found the Sanborn Map website that provided an 800 number, but I thought I'd see if you had any experience using their services.


Col. Reb Sez said...

I'm not familiar with the Sanborn maps. I had a property that was an old resort hotel back in the 1800s, where people would arrive by stagecoach to stay and gain weight. I would have loved to have these maps so I could have done some digging around.