Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Saturday walk around Jackson

    I took Lucy to Jackson Saturday to observe a twirl competition. Her twirl teacher, Emily Wicks, was named Miss Majorette of Mississippi and will compete nationally. Emily is an Ole Miss student and twirls during football halftimes as well as other events.
    The competition was held at the First Baptist Church activities building, so Ash and I went looking for lunch. First stop on the way was the state capitol, across the street from the Baptist Church.
Ash: What do they do there?
Me: That's where they meet every year to pass new laws.
Ash: What if we don't need any new laws?
Me: [No intelligent response].
    I had forgotten about the large statue in front of the Capitol, placed by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and paying tribute to Mothers, Daughters and Sisters while being festooned liberally with Confederate flags. Momma and the Rebel flag, what more is there in life?
    My plan had been to take Ash to the Mayflower for lunch, but it was closed so we went elsewhere. I also was going to take Ash into the lobby of the Gen. Walthall Hotel to see if they had his portrait in the lobby. It appears to be out of business.
    I have to say all in all I found downtown Jackson to be a pretty attractive place, and not the mound of decay that some have described. We'll return next year, and Lucy will actually take part in the twirl competition instead of just watching.


Pugnacious said...

I'm surprised that William Winter hasn't found some way to move the statue into some committee room basement in the Capital...right next to that bronze statue of Senator Bilbo.

It's really scary to have that Winston Smith-like character at the MDAH, flushing politically incorrect archival materials down the "memory hole."

The mission of a historian is to tell the uncensored story of a people and nation...and allow its people to sort out the good, the bad and the ugly of it all.

Pugnacious said...

Capitol Building, that is.

Pugnacious said...

Better stated by historian Thomas Carlyle from the preface to George Fort Milton's 1930 book, The Age of Hate:Andrew Johnson and the Radicals.

"The history of mankind is the history of its great men; to find out these, clean the dirt from them, and place them on their proper pedestal, is the true function of a historian."~CARLYLE

Pugnacious said...

What a coincidence!

I just logged on to David Irving's website for a link to the desecrating of Rudolph Hess' grave last year by the German government, only to discover that the Austrian government has trumped that desecration by desecrating the graves of Adolph Hitler's parents.

Rudolph Hess' bones were dis-interred, crushed and dumped at sea and the monument demolished.


Pugnacious said...

A correction on the Hitler grave desecration:the official explanation is that a local parish priest made the decison to remove the headstones.

With the strict enforcement by the German/Austrian governments of the post WWII occupation's Draconian "hate" laws imposed upon the defeated people for straying from the official conventional wisdom of the events that led up to and that occurred during WWII, it is easy to understand why citizens "volunteer" to go along with that "conventional wisdom" in order to "prevent the resurgence of German nationalism."

But the "new Germans" cheer their foot soldiers in NATO's wars in Afghanistan and Africa and the "new German" shipyard workers have provide, free of charge, up to six U-boats for the Israeli Navy.


Pugnacious said...

A followup on those six donated submarines to Israel by Merkle, some of which are capable of launching nuclear warheads supplied to them by the US from its nuclear arsenal at Diego Garcia.
Gunter Grass has become Germany's Ezra Pound--the "mad" poet-- with his latest poem, What Must be Said.