Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ash's ACT score says he's ready for college (but don't tell him)

    Everybody has the right to brag on their children. Ash gave me permission to brag on him.
    He took the ACT test a few weeks ago as part of the Duke TIP program. We didn't do the full regimen of practice tests that I suggested we might do back in September.
    He did take a few practice sections, but never finished a full ACT practice test. He scored a 28 on the reading in the practice test, versus a 22 on the real test. He made a 21 on the English on the practice test but pulled out a 25 on the real thing. Good thing, too, as Lucy made a 25 on the English practice test and was giving him grief.
    He ended up making a 24 composite, which is a score a lot of high school students would be glad to have. I'm not so much surprised by the score as I am by the distribution; I expected the reading to be higher and the science to be lower. But you take it as you get it!
    Too bad Duke TIP isn't offered in eighth grade. It will be three or four years before Ash takes the ACT again. If he can improve by two points per year, he'll do just fine!

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