Thursday, January 19, 2012

Herbert Hoover pens new book on secret history of WWII. Yes, Hoover!

    I have a new book on my book list.
    The book is Freedom Betrayed by Herbert Hoover. That's right, Herbert Hoover. It's subtitle says it all: "Herbert Hoover's Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath."
    Hoover apparently began writing the book prior to World War II and continued writing through the 1950s. The book was almost ready for publication at the time of Hoover's death in 1964. Instead of publishing the book his heirs decided to put the book on ice for almost 50 years.
    I'm not sure what motivated the heirs, but perhaps it is because the book doesn't toe the official line of America as a White Knight out to do good in the world. Hoover apparently believed we could have easily stayed out of WWII, and simply allowed Hitler and Stalin to tear each other to shreds. He believed we intentionally goaded Japan into attacking, which we did. Hoover felt even more strongly about America's decision to become an imperial power after WWII, a decision which has depleted our treasury and ended or destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of our nation's young men.
    Old-timers blame Hoover for the Great Depression, and they are right, but not for the reasons they think.
    Hoover was extremely active as a humanitarian all of his life. Prior to the U.S. entry into World War I he was a leader in European relief efforts. When the United States entered the war Woodrow Wilson appointed him head of the U.S. Food Administration. It was in that post that Hoover championed a price guarantee of $1 per bushel for wheat, which set into action an unprecidented agricultural boom that would only bust in the mid-1920s. It took several more years for the crisis to hit the financial sector, but when it did the Great Depression had begun.
    Also unknown by many is that Hoover attempted to increase government spending to soften the economic downturn. His efforts were thwarted by Democrats, who wanted economic conditions to remain as bad as possible in order to help them win the White House.
    In any event, Hoover's book is a must-read for anyone wanting to know the truth about what really happened before, during and after World War II. Those who only want the official self-serving version of history can likely give this book a pass.


Pugnacious said...


Thanks for posting this "Real History" of WWII and its aftermath. Posting this kinda' Real History will get you sacked from Tom's blog. It happened to me when I criticzed Senator Dodd and provided a link to Judical Watch on the corrupt activities of Senator Dodd and his late father. I also provided a photo link to Dodd's father at Nuremberg, holding an alleged shrunken head that he and Judge Robert Jackson had introduced into evidence to prove that the German doctors at Auschwitz were engaged in "head shrinking." It was a monstrous lie and Dodd knew it to be a lie.

I was almost as if Tom took my criticism of Dodd personally and Freeland verbally attacked me and banned me from posting. At the time I did not know that Tom was associated with the "entertainment industry" as he has now revealed in his latest post.

Duly note that former Senator Dodd is now the newest Motion Picture Czar.

Would it be permissable to post the Senator Dodd photo holding the "shrunken head?"

Herbert Hoover's humaniatian efforts following WWII to halt the Morgenthau Plan for Germany.

Pugnacious said...

...Some older Germans treasure the memory of the "Hoover Speise" (meal) that warmed their bodies at school in 1947. Many millions -- including hundreds of thousands of Canadians born in Germany -- also remember their homes in parts of Germany now under Polish or Russian rule. None dreams of reparations; all yearn for us to know their story.

Pugnacious said...

Former Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd made Judicial Watch's Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians list three consecutive years--2008,2009,2010. Like father, like son.

Pugnacious said...

The genesis of Henry Morganthau's extermination plan for Occupied Germany.

Staff at Ole Miss conspired with Jackson's Rabbi Cohen organized to disrupt David Irving's speaking tour in Mississippi back in 2009