Thursday, January 26, 2012

Obama just made Jan Brewer a best-selling author

    Although I am a great admirer of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, I didn't know she had written a book -- a life story and political memoir. I know now.
    She greeted President Barack Obama to her state on Wednesday, and Obama wasted no time in criticizing some of the things the book said about her efforts to control the plague of unlawful immigration afflicting her state and our nation. She defended herself, of course, and at one point wagged her finger at him. He then then turned away while she was still talking.
    I've found that if I disagree with someone, it's best not to bring up that disagreement while we're trying to be cordial. Obama apparently doesn't agree.
    Gov. Brewer has nothing to be mad about, though. I predict sales of her book will increase dramatically. In fact, they apparently already have. I had never heard of the book, but as of today it is ranked as Amazon's first or second ranked book on politics or social policy and 56th overall. According to one website that apparently tracks such things, yesterday Gov. Brewer's book came in as Amazon's 311,472th best seller.
    Thanks Mr. President!


Pugnacious said...

Off topic, Colonel, but I was reading Tom's blog post on the requirement that lawyers report unethical behavior, citing MSSC Justice Kitchens dissent. Can you tell me how Justice Kitchens is related to Judge Jim Kitchens in Lowndes county? Judge Jim Kitchens was the presiding judge in the trial of Mary Sue Shields for the dancefloor heart attack death of a drunken New Year's eve partygoer that had attacked her. She is serving a life sentence without parole for his death, which Judge Haynes attributed to stress from the barfight. Haynes did concede that the the "victim" had heart disease.

Last October, you indicated that Ms. Shields' case was being looked into. I think that she is still incarcerated. Ms. Shields reveals a conversation with Judge Kitchens in her Letter To the Editor that he knew the "victim" threw the first punch and that she was only defending herself from her attacker.

And Jim Kitchens' conduct in the cases of Ronnie Mitchener--charged with kidnapping and sentenced to twenty-years for holding someone at gunpoint-- and Julian Mingo's thirty-year sentence for "rubbing a Heritage School student through his pants" fondling crime, raise questions of judicial impropriety/misconduct,IMHO. The Mingo trial looked like it could have been taken from the pages of TruTV's Disorder In the Court. The "fondling victim" was the son of a Columbus police officer and Judge Kitchens denied Mingo a change of venue.

Ms. Shields' Letter To the Editor of the Columbus Packet:

Col. Reb Sez said...

I don't know what the relationship is, but the Shields case is a disgrace. I will have to check to see where that stands.