Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Marianne Gingrich: Newt lucky to be rid of this hag

    Marianne Gingrich has given another interview in which she tells the world what a cad her former husband Newt is.
    But it's a funny thing about Marianne. My guess is she won't spend much time talking about how she refused to move to Washington, even though Newt was one of the city's power players. Think of the uproar that was caused when it was revealed that Michelle Obama thought about not moving to Washington for six months so the kids could finish the year in Chicago. Newt needed her and she let him down every single day she sat on her duff in Georgia.
    Then there's the fact that Marianne abandoned Newt for six years. That's right, he came home and everything was gone, including her. After six years they reconciled but in the end it just didn't work out. Apparently during the long separation Newt had begun seeing his current wife, and even though Newt and Marianne attempted a reconciliation, it didn't work.
    And oh, my! It seems that it's just fine for Marianne to walk out on Newt, but let Newt be the one to decide he can't take it any more and suddenly he's the goat. And he did have the decency to talk to her. She just went missing.
    Marianne Gingrich is a horrid, wretched woman who is merely bitter because she didn't get the chance to do the dumping as she had done once before. Newt beat her to it. And dear friends, that for her is a bitter pill to swallow. Bitter, bitter, bitter.
    He's lucky to be rid of the hag.


Ignatius said...

Worry not, Colonel. I bet the interview will actually boost Newt's numbers in the coming weeks. A conservative doubling-down, if you will.

Andrew Sullivan makes a similar point as yours, but he adds something worth considering. I'll just quote Andrew's words:

"I don't think Newt has made himself a proponent of open marriage; he's just a flawed individual, as we all are. I think going on TV and trashing your ex-husband in the days before a critical primary is bitter, bitter, bitter. But I'm a Christian. The private stuff I forgive and understand. Like many men, over the years, my libido has sometimes seemed to have a life of its own. I think we should all give people's priavte consensual adult sex lives alone. But the public hypocrisy? The ranting about gay marriage destroying America? The lecturing of the poor on family structure? Not so much."

Col. Reb Sez said...

I don't know, the thought of a husband suggesting that his wife "share" his sounds terrible.

Of course, rationally it is less objectionable for a husband to say he's fallen for someone else but he is still willing to stay married, rather than just to insist on a divorce. In pre-WWII England, and to a lesser extent America, affairs were commonplace but divorce was considered out of the question. Hillary Clinton seems to have had a better way of dealing with this than Marianne Gingrich.

Marianne also seems to think Clinton's impeachment was about his having an affair with a teen intern. It wasn't. It was about his committing perjury, but Marianne doesn't present it that way because she wants to hurt her ex.

I find it hard to believe that anyone would go to such lengths to harm an ex-spouse, but I guess I have to believe it.