Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dictator Obama has arrived; will we allow him to stay?

    The dictatorship has arrived. The only question that remains is whether true Americans will stand up and throw Barack Obama out of office. It will not be easy -- he and his socialist supporters are willing to stop at nothing in their quest to have a one-time feast on America's seed corn.
Let me sidetrack my blog post here. I've called Obama a socialist. Whenever someone does this they are often ridiculed or called paranoid. Obama seems to deny being a socialist, and in his defense he does behave like a crony capitalist at times.

But the fact is that Obama and the Democrats constantly want to make America more like Socialist Europe, even though Europe's left-wing social experiments have thrown it into chaos. But whether socialism is good or bad is beside the point. My wife and I both have friends in Europe who are socialists. Everyone or virtually everyone in the Labor party in Britain is a socialist. Tony Blair is a socialist. Europe is full of socialists and they call themselves socialists. Obama's political views are certainly as liberal as those of Tony Blair's and those of other Europeans and therefore he is, by definition, a socialist.

    After Congress refused to pass the Obama-supported DREAM Act, which would have simply granted amnesty and citizenship to young illegal aliens who claimed they were attending college (merely enrolling anywhere would get them a 10-year reprieve), the Obama administration simply ordered the Immigration and Naturalization Service not to enforce the law. Essentially the administration passed the DREAM Act by executive order. (Another sidetrack: I'm all for allowing brilliant people to stay in American no matter how they got here; but allowing any moron who can shamble into a community college and register free citizenship is an affront).
    Now Obama has made four "recess" appointments to positions which require the advice and consent of the Senate during a time when the Senate was not in recess -- one to the new Consumer Protection agency and three to the decidedly anti-Southern National Labor Relations Board. Admittedly the Senate was only in pro forma session, but this has been used by Democrats to block Republican recess appointments and as a senator Obama was on record as supporting the tactic. As president he's changed tunes.
    As a practical matter I believe either the Constitution or Senate rules should be changed to require an up or down vote on each and every nomination presented by the president. Neither party should be allowed to "bottle-up" an appointment indefinitely. But the Democrats started this business of refusing to act on nominations and the Republicans only followed suit. Whoever's to blame, it's not good for the country.
     The problem is deciding which party gets the benefit of the new rule. Democrats deprived George Bush of his fair share of judicial nominations, for example. For things to be even Republicans have to prevent Democrats from being appointed. Whatever party is in power when the new rule is adopted will get a windfall of new appointments. But surely some compromise can be made where some bipartisan appointments can be made.
    But just because I believe the system should be changed doesn't I support violating the law. Obama has ignored the rule of law by purporting to make recess appointments while the Senate is not in formal recess. His "We Can't Wait" campaign is a threat not only to the Constitution, but to every American.
    We Can Wait. In fact, We Must Wait. We can support the Constitution. And we can throw this dreadful thug out of office.
    Senate Republicans have a duty to the Constitution not to allow a another Obama appointee to any position to be confirmed and to remain truly in session until this man is cast out of the presidency. We Can Save America.


Pugnacious said...

Every US Senator from the old Confederacy voted Yeah" for the National Defense Authorization Act signed into law by "Dictator" Obama. Only Congressman Benny Thompson from the Mississippi Congressional delegation voted "Nay."

I wonder where your Nemesises over at Tom's blog stand on this matter?
I beginning to think that O'Dwyer may be right. Tom never was one to tolerate dissenting posts on his blog.

Pugnacious said...


You and NO's O'Dwyer are more like their Nemesis, truth be told.

I hope that you watched the Edgar Steele videos?

Pugnacious said...

Perhaps that I should've said that "every US Senator from the States that formed the old Confederacy" voted for the National Defense Authorization Act that was signed into law by Obama.