Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sen. Rand Paul should bring defamation action against lying airport goons

    Sen. Rand Paul recently refused a TSA patdown at the Nashville airport after he set off a metal detector. Apparently these detectors are set to give false positives to force patdowns of people who don't really set off the machine. He wanted to just walk through again.
    An incident report describes Paul as acting in an "irate" manner. Yet a video of the entire incident shows Paul standing calmly inside a glass cubical. In other words, either the TSA or law enforcement officers intentionally lied about Paul's behavior for the purpose of defaming him.
    I do not believe their false and defamatory statements are privileged. There is no privilege for a law enforcement officer to file a false police report. Paul needs to file a defamation action against these goons.
    I respect that TSA officers have been given a job to do. But when they and police lie about innocent citizens they cross the line. They must be held to account.

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