Thursday, October 20, 2011

My GOP presidential picks, from best to worst

    I’m not sure anyone cares where I stand on the Republican presidential race, but on the off chance someone does I’ll share my views.
    Here’s my ranking of the candidates from favorite to least favorite, as well as my general comments.
    1. Ron Paul: Okay, he’s a bit goofy, and I don’t always agree with him, but he is one of the few people I am willing to actually change my opinion for; that is, if Dr. Paul says it, I’m willing to reconsider. Most importantly, he is the only candidate, and I do mean the only candidate, who supports peace. Obama ran supporting peace and started two new wars. All of the other candidates are admitted warmongers. Unlike most presidents, Paul actually wants to weaken the office of the presidency and return power to the Congress and to the states. I guess he’s the next best thing to John Ed Ainsworth, who ran for Mississippi’s State Land Commission on a platform of seeking to abolish the office. This man could change America, and for the better.

    2. Newt Gingrich: When most of Newt’s campaign staff quit him six months ago everyone thought he was finished. I thought he knew exactly what he was doing. The Republican field is weak, and he has just been there week after week, a steady, strong, and incredibly smart and informed candidate. Make no mistake, Newt can be full of himself, but intellectually he makes Nancy Pelosi look like a birdbrain.
    Everyone talks about Newt’s personal life. He’s on his third wife. Wife number one was his math teacher and reportedly started dating him when he was 16. In most states such teacher-student relationships would be a crime akin to rape, but apparently not in Georgia. But certainly he can’t be held responsible if such a relationship ended in divorce. By the way, his daughter says the story of him going to the hospital while his wife was sick to ask for a divorce is absolutely false; she says her mother had already asked for a divorce and Newt was merely taking her to visit her mother.
    His second wife, Marianne Gingrich, apparently abandoned Newt for six years after he was elected to Congress. They got back together, but I think she refused to move to Washington. Eventually he had an affair, which is certainly to be expected when he’s living in Washington and she’s living in Georgia. He asked for a divorce. Suddenly she was hurt to the quick. It was all fine and good for her to leave him for six years, but let him decide he wants a divorce and suddenly she is the woman scorned full of bitter and hateful things to say about him. What a horrid woman.
    Admittedly he has shown bad taste in women a couple of times, but presumably the third time will be a charm. And quite frankly, when I hear him talk about public and foreign policy, I don’t care if he’s been married a hundred times. The man is a genius.

    3. Mitt Romney: Okay, Romney was a liberal Republican when he was governor of the most liberal state in the union. He supported universal health care in a very wealthy state, where more people were already insured than the rest of the nation. But I think politicians listen to the people who elect them. It’s not always a “flip-flop” to change one’s position when running for office representing two completely different constituencies.
    I do think Romney’s Mormon religion is going to be a problem in the South. Four years ago my brother was talking to two influential Republicans who were raving over Romney after hearing him speak. They suggested they might be supporting him in the upcoming primaries. My brother asked whether they thought his being a Mormon would hurt his chances in the South.
Both of them said something along the lines of, “He’s a Mormon? Oh, Well then he won’t have my vote.”
    I don’t have a problem voting for a Mormon; I think they tend to be more moral than the rest of us and that we might learn a lot from them. Furthermore, they believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, that he died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected. As such they are Christians as that’s all it takes. The fact that they also believe some rather outlandish things about spaceships, Christ visiting with the Indians, golden plates, and such is of no consequence. They believe all that matters, and the persecution by small-minded people just needs to stop.
    At any rate, I like Romney. If he gets the nomination I will support him with gusto. By the time the Mississippi primary comes around he might well be my first choice.

    4. Herman Cain: Every decent person likes Herman Cain. He’s a true-blue conservative. A lot of people say his 9-9-9 tax plan is too regressive, but if it is, modify it a little to make it fairer, maybe by adding a point-nine percent annual tax on estates exceeding $9 million. Right now we have high corporate taxes and all the corporations are sending their profits to Ireland, then to another Irish Company, then to the Netherlands, then to the Bahamas, and thus paying no tax. Tax them at a low rate and the money stays here at home, putting money in the treasury and creating jobs for Americans. I do think it says something for the changes that have taken place in the South that Herman Cain is the favorite Republican in most Southern states, where mostly whites vote in Republican primaries. Of course, desperate liberals say that whites who support Cain are “racist.” You’ve got to love it!
    The only reason I don’t rate Cain higher is that he just doesn’t seem ready for prime time. He keeps saying some pretty wacky things that he has to take back, and I think he has an incredibly poor knowledge of foreign policy.

    5. Michelle Bachmann: I was impressed enough with Bachmann a few months back to “like” her on Facebook. I’m just not so impressed anymore. I do still like her, but I like her just where she is.

    6. Buddy Roemer: Not sure what he’s for, but he’s from Louisiana and against the big corporations. Every man a king!

    7. Rick Santorum: We’re going to have to burn all the gay people at the stake, which is going to use a lot of natural resources in gathering firewood. But he’s a good Catholic; if you don’t believe it, ask him.

    8. Gary Johnson: I don’t know who this man is, but I prefer him to Rick Perry.

    9. Rick Perry: The slime of the earth. Ended the investigation into a man’s execution because the commission was to report that the executed man was probably innocent. Accused Mitt Romney of hiring illegal aliens because a lawn care company he paid to mow his yard employed one. LIAR! And when Mitt tried to set the record straight he broke the rules and refused to let Mitt speak. He supports totally open borders, which is totally destroying this country. In short the only person worse than this terrible man is Barack Obama. So if he gets the nomination I will support him – reluctantly.


Anonymous said...

I read your comments in Saltier's blob. And it is a sad to see American "journalits" joining the howling mob in the lynching of Colonel Khaddafi.Before Khaddafi's revolution, I spent two years with the Army Map Service in Libya and saw the abject poverty of these people with my own eyes. In a land rich in $3/bbl oil bought from King Idris by Armand Hammer's Occidental Petroleum and the US oil oligarcy, the people got nothing in the way of health care and social service. Niente!

When Colonel Khaddafi brought on his Green Revolution to overthrow King Idris, one person died--the King's bodyguard who fired upon Khaddafi as he Colonel entered the King's palace.

Khadaffi and the tribal leaders re-negotiated the oil contracts and brought prosperity to all peoples of Libya through the distribution of its oil wealth.

With Obama's AFRICOM's juggernauts heading to Central Africa, Colonel Khaddafi's leadership as President of the African Union will be sorely missed.

Check out for more commentary on the Khaddafi lynching.

And, btw, with Hillery in Tripoli distributing the spoils of war, maybe "Ben" over at Tom Freeland's Blog should put in his request for Wheelus Air Base. I cannnot imagine what he would do with it, though.

jmsrobertson90 said...

You should seriously look into Gary Johnson. His views are akin to Paul's, except on abortion. This is why he will never ever win the GOP nomination. It's a shame, really, since he approaches politics in the logical vein of Ron Paul conservatism and he has actual administrative experience as governor of New Mexico. Plus, he's not a rambling old man.

Anonymous said...

Speaking without a teleprompter might be interpreted by some to be "rambling."

Justin Raimondo nails Gary Johnson to the proverbial cross.

Col. Reb Sez said...

I have no objection to looking at Johnson. It's just like he's not there. The funny thing is I left John Huntsman off my list. I would put him ahead of Rick Perry but behind everyone else. He's such a nobody but for the longest time the press kept acting like he was a legitimate candidate. Ron Paul essentially tied Michelle Bachmann in the Iowa straw poll and the media acted like he didn't exist. They actually spent a lot of time talking about Huntsman, who got one percent of the vote. The Jon Stewart video is great.