Wednesday, October 5, 2011

McEwen's on the Square has upscale lunch at reasonable price

    Jinny and I went out for lunch yesterday and decided on McEwen’s, on the Square in Oxford in the old Waltz location.
    I had always wanted to eat at the old Waltz, but everything was priced a few dollars too much for me. McEwen’s had their menu posted and their prices seemed quite reasonable, particularly for lunch.
    I’ve posted a copy of the lunch menu below. Jinny took a look at the “small plates” dinner menu on the way in and said, “They all look so good I want one of each.” So McEwen’s does have a good menu.
    Jinny and I both got the lunch special for the day, which was stuffed pork loin. It came with two sides. I got garlic mashed potatoes and squash casserole; Jinny got the squash casserole and fried okra.
    The food arrived and was beautiful on the plate. I wish I had snapped an iPhone photo. I thought the pork loin and potatoes were good. Jinny and I both thought the squash casserole could have used some more cheese and butter. Jinny said her fried okra was outstanding.
    Jinny really didn’t like her pork loin as she felt the stuffing had too much sage, and so she only picked at it. Sometimes there will be a dish that some customers will like and others won’t. It’s probably a good idea when trying new things not to have two people ordering the same item. That way if one person is disappointed they can swap.
    Of course, one of the problems with restaurant recipes is that if McEwen’s adds less sage to their stuffing and more cheese to their casserole some people will say they are using too little sage and too much cheese. Well, maybe; does anybody ever complain about too much cheese?
    One of the best parts of the meal was the check – it came to just over $23; that’s with Jinny getting tea and me getting water. For that $23 we had one of the most upscale lunches once can experience in Oxford. We’ll be back and I wish this restaurant well!

Note: You may need to click on this menu twice to read it! The first click will open it in a new window. The second click will magnify it.
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