Thursday, October 13, 2011

Conservative blogger Taggart calls it quits at Clarion-Ledger

    Republican political operative Andy Taggart has quit writing for the Clarion-Ledger's "Red-Blue" blog with a final, "I've-had-it" posting criticizing that liberal newspaper.
    The blog, which featured posts by Taggart and liberal Democratic insider Jere Nash, has been active for several years.
    Taggart said he was fed up with the Ledger's liberal bias, and cited a recent headline in which the paper claimed that 46 Senate Republicans somehow magically transformed themselves into a group of more than 50 and killed President Obama's job bill. Said Taggart:
Tonight's headline on the C-L wire story is, "Republicans kill Obama jobs bill."

Horse harnesses.

Once upon a time, Sid Salter provided at least some balance. Now you people have gone over the edge.

Forty six, count them, 46, Republicans voted against Barack Obama's tax hiking bill. That's a minority of the United States Senate.

That means that Democrats -- members of the President's party -- also opposed what he was trying to do to Americans and the American economy.

The left wing crowd at the Clarion-Ledger blamed a minority of Republicans for the failure of Barack Obama's bill.

I'm done with them.

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