Thursday, October 13, 2011

Drudge report draws all aces

    I love the Drudge Report! You've gotta love this photo of three world despots, all sharing the same pose. Hit this on a slot machine and who knows what the payout would be. Hit this in real life, and just face of lot of misery!


Anonymous said...

It is Natanyahu,not Ahmadinejad that has threatened his neighbors with pre-emptive nuclear strikes and carried out phosphorous terror bombings on the hapless civilian populace of Gaza.

Iran welcomes the IAEA inspectors:Israel refuses.

Now, who's the REAL despot?

Col. Reb Sez said...


Israel has not attacked the civilians of Gaza; they have attacked Hamas, which has used the civilians as a defense shield.

I will say Ahmadinejad would be a fool to give up Iran's nuclear capability given what happened to Gaddafi in Libya. Also, my belief is there can be no peace in the Middle East until Jordan steps up to claim some authority over its territory that is occupied by Israel. Israel would probably agree to return the land to Jordan because they have some trust that Jordan will not use the land to attack them. Palastine can be an autonomous region within Jordan as well as an independent nation. In fact, according to international law, things are supposed to return to as they were before. If Jordan won't take this land back Israel is entitled to keep it. Of course, that's a mess.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how you can say that Israel is " entitled to keep it(Trans-Jordan.)" International Law does not condone the expanding of a country's border through territorial conquest.

The creation of Israel occurred at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference where Ben Victor Cohen, World Zionist Council delegate, took "title" of Palestine from Britain as payback for the Zionists' manipulation of President Wilson into intervening to save a losing Britain. Cohen become FDR's "Henry Kissinger," lying the US into WWII and formulating the legislation that led to passage of the Lend Lease Act to arm Stalin and Churchill.

US perfidy knows no bounds when its foreign policy is in the hands of dual-loyalists whose agenda is that of creating "entangling alliances" to further the interests of "favored nations."

Col. Reb Sez said...


I am not prepared to argue that the creation of Israel as it exits was not a mistake. But it exists today as a nation, was properly formed and recognized as a nation, and has a right to exist.

As for Israel keeping the occupied territories, there is no provision in International law for a nation which loses territory to refuse to accept the return of that territory and instead insist on the creation of a new, independent nation on that land. If a nation which loses territory doesn't want it back, obviously the nation occupying that land has the right to keep it.

Now with that said, there is going to be no peace in the Mid-East until the Israeli occupation and control of the West Bank ends. The only solution is to put this region back under the sovereignty of Jordan at least on a temporary basis ("temporary" being at least 20 years), at which point the West Bank can become a sovereign nation, should it so choose and should Jordan agree.

Anonymous said...

The 1948 and 1949 Geneva Conventions specifically affirm the right of reurn of the Palestinan refugees forcibly expelled during the Al Naqba by terrorist groups like Shamir's Stern Gang and Elie Wiesel's Irgun. Both Menachem Begin and Wiesel went on to claim the Nobel Peace Prize.
Where do you get the notion that the the victims of an ethnic-cleansed Palestine do not wish to exercise their "right of return."

Sadly, the homes of the forcibly expelled have been bulldozed away and the land expropriated by Khazar "squatters" from the US and the former Soviet Union. The ancestors of the new emigres arriving in Palestine never laid eyes on the "Holy Land." They have no "ancestral claims!"

The ONLY solution is not Der Judenstaat, but a one state solution. Or better yet, a US fifty-first state solution guaranteeing security and Constitutional protections to all its citizens. Sort of along the lines of Mississippi's Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek from 1820.

But first US foreign aid to Israel must end with the lone exeception of humanitarian aid.

Khaddafi agrees, too, that only a ONE State solution is viable.

Anonymous said...

For the purposes of this argument, I have assumed that all of the original League of Nations Palestine Mandate
territory to be "occupied territory" and its occupation by military force in violation of the UN Charter's stated aim of collective action in preventing nations from expanding their borders by way of territorial conquest.
And isn't it an odd concidence, that the prime mover in the creation of the Dunbarton Oaks agreements-- that lead to the establishment of the United Nations-- and its "veto-sanctioned" UN Security Council, was non-other that Ben Victor Cohen. Cohen was the World Zionist Council delegate and architect of the Balfour Declaration at the Treaty of Versailles, giving a nation that it did not own(Palestine) to a people(Zionists}that did not deserve it.

And one of the UN's first acts was to violate that UN Charter by partitioning Palestine into an Arab and Jewish quarter. And, I can assure you that there are Palestinians clamoring at the gates to reclaim their homes.

Anonymous said...

I will say Ahmadinejad would be a fool to give up Iran's nuclear capability given what happened to Gaddafi in Libya.~

The assassination attempt(lynching) of Libya's Khaddafi,(President of the African Union),that resulted in the deaths of his son and three grandchildren, is all about establishing Libya as a new beachhead for the occupation of Central Afica. Libya, with its abandoned Wheelus Air Base, crude oil refineries, fossil water from the Great Manmade River Project, sparsely populated land and a long coastline, is strategicaly located for the US move into the former French Colonial Africa with all it mineral resources coveted by Barrick Gold and especially MSU "Kingmaker" Richard Adkersen, CEO of Freeport MacMoran.

Troops of Mississippi's 155th Infantry Brigade are already being preped to go into Ughanda and the Congo to prop up Paul Kagame and his Tutsi armies that are allied with AFRICOM in carrying out covert attacks inside the DRC.

Both Rwanda's Paul Kagame and Ughanda's Musceveni received special training at Ft. Leonard, Missouri back in the 1990s.

Some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Africa, not to mention the hapless souls living there, will come under the heel of AFRICOM, with Bomber Mabus and the Mississippi Rifles leading the way as Made In Mississippi IAI killer drones take out "Islamic terrorist suspects."

Ike's 1960 "Liquidation" Order for Congo's Patrice Lumumba.

Anonymous said...

This just in:
Khaffis, another Colonel Khadffi son, is reported to have been assassinated.

Save Us from Mabus!

Anonymous said...

What is with Mississippians that they don't want to talk about the origins of the current Neo-Con wars in the ME and French Equatorial Africa?

I don't know that journalist and author Wayne Madsen graduated from Ole Miss, but he attended there in the mid-70s and was a Naval ROTC cadet who went on to serve as a US Naval officer. I first heard of Madsen when he claimed that C-SPAN's Brian Lamb, a former Naval officer and 15-year Pentagon PR Office veteran before "creating" C-SPAN, was fully aware that California Representative Tom Lantos' 1990 "Iraq Baby Incubator story" was a hoax fabricated by his so-called Human Rights Caucus and the Hill&Knowlton public relations firm out of DC. Lamb knowling supported the telecast of Lantos' lies via C-SPAN. Both Lamb and Madsen are members of the National Press Club.

Madsen was in Rwanda during the Tutsi/Hutu genocide and has written the definitve work on that period:Genocide and Covert Operations in Africa, 1993-1999. The book is out of print but can be found at Alibris, if you wnat to pay over $150 for a copy. I have one copy.
I'd like to see William Winter conduct a public panel discussion with former Naval cadets Ray Mabus and Wayne Madsen on the coming wars in Central Africa.
Before these covert Neo-Con African wars are over, Ray Mabus and the members of the Mississippi Rifles are going to have a lot of African blood on their hands.

Col. Reb Sez said...

Anonymous, I agree our actions in Libya may be designed to create a military base, and addressed this on August 26,

The African conflicts are particularly savage. My guess is that committing a few troops is just the first step.

Anonymous said...

Great piece on the NATO imbroglio in Libya, Colonel!

However, the Pentagon disclosure that US troops are on the ground in Uganda is over twenty years too late.

As Wayne Madsen reveals in his book, Genocide and Covert Operations in Africa, 1993-1999, the surge in US Special forces and the DIA in Cenral Afica began under the Clinton administration. The Clintons have very close ties with the US/Canadian/Israeli mining interests operating in Central Africa. Former Senator Cohen, Secretary of Defense under Clinton, is a key "kingmaker" in Barrick Gold mining operations in Central Africa.

Another good book on the "troubles" in Africa is Mississippi In Africa:The Saga of the Slaves of Prospect Hill Plantation and Their Legacy In Liberia Today, by Mississippi author, Allen Huffman.

I spoke with Huffman back in 2009 when he appeared at MSCW, but I was disappointed that the "talk" was to promote his latest book on a sunken ship from The War. Most of his research material for his "Liberia" book was gleaned from papers found in "unprotected" archives found at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

I don't want to giveaway the "plot," but Huffman follows the trail of the "freed" descendants of the Claiborne county Ross family to Liberia in quest of the towns of Mississippi and Greenville and finds them, still retaining the "Ross" family name.

Huffman reveals the brutality of tribal wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone. And the US military refrain of "kil'em all,d let God sort'em out" will come back to haunt us.

And "Progressive" Mabus is all "gung ho" for going into Africa with guns'a blazin' and do a "Nnumber 6" on the hapless souls living there.

Save Us from Mabus!

Anonymous said...

For those not familiar with "working a number 6," I've included a link.

I still feel that the Navy kill team sobriquet "SEAL Team Number 6" was borrowed from Mel Brooks' Blazin' Saddles.

They idea the CIA chose the name to deceive the KGB into thinking that there were at least five other "kill teams" is laughable.

Anonymous said...

This article doesn't mention Camp Shelby, but there are at least two killer drones on site there. And in Columbus/Starkville, Yair Smair's IAI is promising Lowndes county jobs for building these drones, if the State comes up with more loans to expand his Auora Flight Services facility. The Golden Triangle Airport just received FAA authority to permit test flights for these drones.

Btw, aside from the civilians that are in harms way of Ray Mabus' AFRICOM juggernauts, there are the mountain gorillas of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the Dem. Republic of Congo. Something like 700 plus gorillas live in that area.