Friday, October 28, 2011

I've added two Mid-East Newspaper links

    You will find two new newspaper links on the upper right-hand side of this page, the Jerusalem Post and Al Arabiya. The Jerusalem Post is self-explanatory. Al Arabiya was introduced some years back as a slightly less radical network than Al Jazeera.
    For what it's worth, I find the Al Arabiya new coverage pretty balanced. I think it's important to get news from time to time from sources other than the U.S. Government War Machine.
    Oh, and when I refer to a "war machine," it is not just a dig at Obama and the Democrats. It's both parties. All they can think about is war, war, war, attack, attack, attack, kill, kill, kill. Kind of makes me want to go watch "Full Metal Jacket."
    If you think I'm exagerating, consider the fact that Sen. John McCain (thank God he got beat) took the occassion of America's murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to issue what amounts to a death threat against Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin and other world leaders. He told them they better be "nervous" because they might be "next," implicitly suggesting that NATO bombers might soon be flying over Moscow. What an idiot, but an idiot who is representative of the U.S. War Machine.
    These people are now trying to beguile the American public into a war against Iran, either with U.S. troops or with Israili proxy soldiers. The fact is the Iranians on the street love the United States even if the country's leaders don't. We ought to try to win these people over. We're told that we must stop the Iranians from developing nuclear weapons, but current events prove that Iranians need nuclear weapons to protect themselves form an attack by NATO. Look what happened to Libya when they gave up their weapons!
    Quite frankly, I don't care if you support murder or oppose it; support war or oppose it; want to keep millions of our troops abroad or bring them home. But I would suggest that you should be informed from sources other than the U.S. propaganda machine. I hope these two newspaper links -- one Jewish and one Arab -- will give you an easy portal to additional information.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Colonel, for adding balance where it is so sorely needed in this State.

I often wonder, "what if?" What if I had never served in the US Army overseas and had never been exposed to how other folks lived their daily lives. Would I see the efforts of the Arabs and Africans to repel the invaders and remove the occupiers as a threat to my country's "national Security." My overseas tour took me to that part of the world that is now being attacked, its infrastructure destroyed, its citizens "slaughtered" and its resources plundered by the oil oligarchy...the old Abyssinian empire of Mussolini's Colonial Italy. Sirte has become the new Fallujah! And if anyone really wants to understand Libya and Khaddafi, see the film The Lion of the Desert with Anthony Quinn and Oliver Reed. Rod Steiger portrays Benito Mussolini.

Anyway, After completing my MOS school at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, our graduating class(all members had orderd for overseas tours) was marched over to the graduation auditorium to attend a speech by a US State Department diplomat. The most memorable part of his speech is that foreigners will judge our country by our deeds and actions with the local population.I thought... that's the diplomatic equivalent of the old Golden Rule-- do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Those peoples of the desert were the MOST hospitable people I've ever met. Now you have given them voice.

Sadly, though, in a few weeks the CIA will be on the Ole Miss campus, recruiting graduates of Jim and Sally Barksdale's international studies group to carryout covert cyberwarfare and special military ops against these Arab and African peoples. Ethiopia is the latest killer drone base set up to carry out these special ops.
Obviously, the Golden Rule has no place in Internatioal Affairs and the Neo-Con's PNAC.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can make an effort to attend Dr. Gispen's event?

November 30, 2011 C.I.A. Info Session

C.I.A. Info Session
The CIA's analysis division will be on campus Wednesday, November 30. They will provide an info session in Croft 107 from 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m.

Anonymous said...

CIA Clandestine Warfare Services

Anonymous said...


A bit dated(9FEB2011), but this piece from the JP shows just what a hypocrite that our back-slapping, cigar-chomping, boot-licking, bourbon-sipping,sorghum-mouth, warmongering Scalawag governor is. I don't mean to cast aspersions, but beating
John McCain's "Bomb Iran" war drums in Jerusalem, while calling General Nathan Bedford a war criminal, is both hypocritical and laughable. Barbour gave the "concluding Remarks" at the Herzliya Conference 2011 that was held in Jerusalem. Barbour called for imposing economic(starvation) sanctions against Iran.

Also present at the conference was Uzi Landau, who was Barbour's guest at the Governor's Mansion back in October, 2010.

Wouldn't we like to have been a fly-on- the wall during that conversation.

Anonymous said...

May I make a suggestion.

Would you consider adding Wayne Madsen's Report to your readership. He attended Ole Miss and I'm thinking that he did graduate, as he was in the Naval ROTC program there.

Wayne Madsen probably knows more about Libya and Khaddafi than anyone in the field of international journalism, having been his invited guest after the historic rapprochment with Rome just two years ago.

Madsen was also in Rwanda during the Tutsi/Hutu genocide and has lot of information that is surpressed by the US State Department regarding the SAM missle shootdown of the plane bearing the Presidents of Rwanda and Bureundi. He claims that Rwanda's Paul Kagame was responsible. Paul Kagame is Uncle Sam's Man In Africa.

Madsen's book, Genocide and Covert Operations In Africa, 1993-1999, is the definitve work on US involvement in the overthrow of tribal governments in Africa for the benefit of Israeli, US and Canadian mining interests. He even "explains" all that business over in Mena, Arkansas during the Clinton administration.

If Obama wants the Mississippi Rifles and the Tennessee Volunteers boots on the ground in Central Africa, the mothers, fathers, the brothers, sisters, sons and daughters ought to be told the truth about the new AFRICOM kill teams moving into Uganda and Congo. Like Killery Clinton and Ray Mabus,they, too, will have African blood on their hands.
They'll never hear it from the Ole Miss' "Crofties" over at Professor Gispen's "clandestine" studies group.

Btw, do you have a "counter" to determine the hits your column gets?

Anonymous said...

Interesting report from RussiaToday on the use by our troops of Uranium-based anti-personel weapons on Fallujah(The City of Mosques).
The Mississippi Rifles were there in Fallujah as Katrina moved ashore on the Gulf Coast.

Familes should be aware of what their kith and kin were exposed to there in Iraq and now Afghanistan.

A veterans group in Louisiana lobbied for legislation that offered Depleted Uranium testing to returning LNG member that had been deployed to Iraq. The Governor signed it into law, but the testing and the monies appropriated were lost in the Katrina Deluge.

Anonymous said...

Guess who came to dinner at Herzliya, Israel in 2011? Boss Hogg Barbour and Mitt Romney missed out on the photo ops, but other notables did not. Most notable was H. E. Fogh Rasmussen, Secretary General of NATO who gave the keynote address. Then there was US Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, Alexander Vershbow, who appeared before Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's Congressional House Committee on Foreign Affairs for monies to carry out the "capture and killing of Ugandas's Joseph Kony and his commanders."
And Shimon Perez was there, too, but without Nancy Pelosi by his side.

Ron Paul was not invited, and I expect he would not attended if he were invited.

Herzliya:The Neo-Con Woodstock

Anonymous said...

The Golden Triangle Regional Airport between Columbus and Starkville has been given permission by the FAA to allow Shamir's killer drones to be flight tested from the airstrip.

New York drone protestors arrested and to stand trial.:

Anonymous said...

I did not see the following report in the JP nor the so-called Arab press, but it should be front page news everywhere!
Moshe Dayan's widow says that International Zionism is dead! It is link from Wayne Masden Report.

I hope she doesn't meet the same fate--murdered in a "botched" robbery(sic)-- of Arthur Koestler and his wife upon the publication of his book on the Khazar tribes of the Caucasus, The Thirteenth Tribe.

Anonymous said...

That DailyBeast failed.

It may be a hoax.

Anonymous said...

The Newsweek's Ruth Dayan article on Zionism being dead was from an interview that Haaretz's Gideon Levy conducted back in February 2010.
To access the Ruth Dayan interview, google "Ruth Dayan interview on Zionism dead."
Surprisingly, she says nothing about "victimhood" and blames Israel's troubles on Israelis themselves, not Palestinians.

This interview never made it to the desk of C-SPAN's Washington Journal.

Now if we could just get Jason Alexander(George Kostanza) to persuade( Bob Dylan to do a benefit "Blowing In the Wind" concert in downtown Jerusalem.

Anonymous said...

Jerry's "latex salesman" tries to sell the Knesset a solution to the Israel imbroglio:God forbid Newman follows up with his "birthright trip to Israel."

Newman was born and reared in Cartersville, Georgia.

Anonymous said...


At 17 seconds into the Jason Alexander video, there is a Knesset member wearing a red/black blouse.

I suspect that this is really Newman in "drag." Newman is known for spying on Jerry and George and snitching to the Rabbi.

You remember the scene when Jerry and the Rabbi's daugher were "smooching" during in the theater during the showing of Schlinder's List? An enraged Newman, standing in the rear of the theater, went to the Rabbi, ending Jerry's romance with the daughter.

Anonymous said...


Maybe inviting Robert Zimmerman to Jerusalem to do a Blowing In the Wind concert was not such a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Next week, Ralph Nade will interview Pat Buchanan on his newest book, Suicide of A Nation onC-SPAN's BookTV.

MSNBC has banned Buchanan's appearance, but expect other MSM outlets, including Jim Barksdale's CNN,to follow suit.

Speaking of "suits," Nader sued Willaim F. Buckley toady, Ralph De Tolecano, for libel. De Toledano claimed that Nader falsified data in his book, Unsafe At Any Speed;the suit was settled out of court. Buckley, De Toledano and the National Review were early defenders of Israel's ethnic cleansing, neighborhood punishment and territorial expansion in Palestine.