Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lady Liberty 1885 blogger discovered identity of ricin suspect through use of Google, Facebook

    The Lady Liberty 1885 blogger may have discovered the identity of the suspect in the mailing of ricin to Congressman Wicker through the use of Google before the police did.
    In a blog post that was written yesterday but not posted until an arrest was made, the blogger tells how she used Google to track down the identity of Elvis impersonator Paul Kevin Curtis through a doctor's website and then Facebook.
Profile photo from
Paul Kevin Curtis' Facebook page
    One thing I found interesting is the photo that she took from Curtis' Facebook page showing him next to a bumper sticker on his car which declares him to be a "Christian" and a "Democrat." We've all been hearing speculation that this would be the work of some Republican, but now that the suspect is a Democrat, get ready for the sound of crickets chirping.
    The blog post is an interesting read. In reading Lady Liberty's blog I saw that one of her recent posts dealt with the problems of murders being committed by people in need of mental health services. Her views mirror my own. We should not have to wait until a person becomes violent before forcing them into mental health treatment.
    I'm adding the Lady Liberty 1885 blog to my blog roll on the left side of this page.


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