Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's far to early to start playing the blame game for the Boston Marathon bombing.

    There will be time to make political hay, if you will, on the recent tragedy at the Boston Marathon. One of the goals of our political system is to act to stop bad things from happening, and that includes making a bit of political hay out of events like this one.
    But I, at least, am going to reserve comment for a while. This isn't to say that no one is to blame. Often people are to blame. But we ought to at least know all the facts before pointing fingers. We ought to stop for just a day or two to mourn the loss of these innocent lives.
    I've read some Facebook comments that mention the Boston bombing in opposing gun control. I'm opposed to most federal efforts to seize or track guns, but gun control efforts and the Boston bombing are completely unrelated. It's not productive to suggest otherwise.

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Pugnacious said...

I was watching Washington Journal on C-SPAN this morning, and the first guest was a former appointee under DHS Secretary Tom Ridge;he is now performing OJT at Georgetown University's US State Department foreigh policy-training grounds.

When a call came in from a self-professed "conspiracy buff," the guest and moderator began to twist in their respective seats. The caller brought up the recent reports that the Uncle of the suspects in the Boston bombing was married to the daughter of a top CIA operative, Graham Fuller. At that point, the moderator abruptly ended the call in mid-sentence.

I've included a link with commentary by former Ole Miss graduate and investigative journalist, Wayne Madsen, on his analysis of CIA links to the two suspects. You might check out Mr. Madsen's resume--he received his US Naval Officer Commission after graduating at Ole Miss and has worked in Naval intelligence. Maybe Ben knows him? Madsen was one of the first journalists to expose the conspiracy behind the Tom Lantos-contrived Kuwaiti Baby Incubator Hoax. And, he claims that C-SPAN"s Brian Lamb was a willing conspirator with Congressman Lantos.