Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sharing pizza best at Old Venice

    Lucy and I went out last night to Old Venice Pizza in Oxford. I had a $20 gift certificate that I had won from the Food Fest that was held a few months ago, and figured I needed to use it before I lost it!
    I have to confess that I've been disappointed in Old Venice in the past. I like the atmosphere, but I just wasn't satisfied with the food.
    For this trip we agreed that we would just get a large pizza and share it. Ash didn't come (algebra project), so we figured a large would be big enough for us to take him a couple of slices.
    Our plain pepperoni pizza was just great. We ran up the tab a little bit by starting with salads, which were nice. I had a glass of wine. The total bill was $33, and there was plenty of pizza left over to take home. If we had left off the salads and the wine the total would have been under $20.
    I had the same experience with Soulshine Pizza around the corner. I really didn't like their specialty pizzas and found it expensive. They I insisted that the children just share a large pepperoni and mushroom pizza with me. Not only was the plain pepperoni better than the fancy stuff, but one large pizza was a whole lot cheaper.
    I never have figured out the "Old Venice" name. Venice isn't known for pizza at all; their cuisine is sea based. "Old Naples" might be a better name.

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Pugnacious said...

I like the name Piccolo Napoli.

I borrowed on the name Piccolo Capri, a 1960s weekend destination in Old Tripoli for Wheelus AB GIs watching the bikii-clad Italian girls promenade along the beach.