Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mississippi ranks Number One in conservatism

    A new Gallup survey ranks Mississippi as our nation's most conservative state, with 53.4 percent of respondents identifying themselves as conservative. Almost making the grade, in order, were Utah, Wyoming, Alabama and Louisiana.
    Wearing liberal dunce hats were the most liberal states, based on personal identification. Actually, most liberal of all wasn't a state but the District of Columbia, which makes sense as they produce nothing and merely feed off the rest of us. 39.8 percent of D.C. residents identify themselves as liberal. The federal district is followed by Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington state, and New York.
    Also of interest is that Mississippi had the fewest people identifying themselves as "liberal," with 10.9 percent claiming that benighted title (compared to 39.8 percent of D.C. residents). 31.2 percent of Mississippians called themselves "moderate." Of course, we all know that most "moderates" are merely liberals in sheep's clothing, but it doesn't affect Mississippi's No. 1 ranking.

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Pugnacious said...

Kinda off topic, Colonel, but I wondered if you had seen this from the JP.

Interestingly enough, Mississippi has become part of Israel's so-called Arsenal of Democracy, with Yair Shamir's Israel Aircraft Industries co-oped with MSU's Raspett Flight Services in Starkville, producing UAVs for the US and German expeditionery forces in occupied Afghanistan.

Germnay is also producing(and financing) another submarine(number six) for the Israeli navy.

UAVs are flying over Camp Shelby every day and the Golden Triangle Airport between Columbus and Starkville has received FAA permission to conduct UAV takeoffs and landings from its airstrip.

The Mississippi Prairie is beating plowshares into spears of war.
BTW, Yair Shamir is the son of Stern gang assassin Yitzhak Shamir who murdered UN Mediator Count Folk Bernadotte. Bernadotte was dispatched to Palestine to report on the plan to Partition Palestine.