Monday, February 27, 2012

Mad-dog racist Obama plays race card, dares whites to complain

    If you're a white politician it doesn't take much to be called a racist. Want to cut government spending? Racist! Want the government, employers and schools to be required to treat everyone equally? Racist!
    Remember the Willie Horton "Revolving Door" ad put out by the George Bush Sr., campaign? It featured perhaps two dozen white actors, but because one of the two black actors looked briefly at the camera the ad was called "racist."
    It was considered racist to mention crime at all in that race, as Democrat Michael Dukakis had furloughed a rabid killer by the name of Willie Horton who then went on to stab a man and rape his wife. Of course, anyone who dared to criticize Dukakis for granting this furlough was a "racist," because Horton just happened to be black.
    Let's think about this for a minute. If Horton had been white, the Bush campaign would have made just as much hay out of it. There are plenty of scary, dangerous white people out there, and if they are in jail for a heinous crime I would prefer they stay there instead of killing me. Apparently the Democrats have a rule: If a woman is raped by a white man, it is perfectly acceptable to complain, but if raped by a black she must just lay back and enjoy it, because to complain is to be "racist." Will American ever tell Obama and his ilk to just shut up?
    What we have been stuck with for the last three years is an openly racist president and an openly racist attorney general who see the Obama presidency as payback time. When attorney general Eric Holder was criticized for dropping all charges against a group of Black Panthers who brazenly threatened voters, his response was that any objection to letting the Panthers "walk" demeaned the suffering that blacks suffered in the early part of the Twentieth Century. By this idiot's thinking, he's got to sit idly by while crimes are committed against whites until his imaginary "score sheet" is even. Such an evil man; such an evil president.
    But just when you thought the racist slime that is Barack Obama couldn't stoop any lower, he stoops to conquer. Obama has now announced the formation of a new group, "African Americans for Obama." The video is below. Just imagine is Mitt Romney were to release a video touting a new group called "Whites for Romney," and adding that he wanted all Mormons to be sure to fire up the membership.
    A blog on the London Daily Mail responded with a story headlines, "Is Obama Losing His Mind?" The answer is no, anyone who has bothered to review the contents of his books or his statements knows Obama is a man who hates white people. Of course he would try to rally the troops, confident that those Joe Stalin called the "useful idiots" would support him no matter what.
    Obama and his police-state goons are pretty slick. Perhaps he may be re-elected. But let's cut to the chase. We all know it, it cannot be truthfully denied. Obama is a racist and those who support him are racists. He ought to have the decency to resign. If he won't resign he should be impeached. If we can't get enough decent people in Washington to impeach the bum, then the very least we can do is throw the bum out on election day.


Pugnacious said...


Try to forget that John Pilger is a "socialist," for about five minutes.

The folks over at Freeland's blog seem to have bought the "Obama marketing creation" hook, line and sinker.

See if you agree.

Anonymous said...

No, the real racists are you!
This is not a racist video contrary to popular opinion. This would be analogous to Hillary Clinton speaking to women who support her. Since I don't vote at all because I believe no candidate represents the Messiah and the system itself is corrupt, I believe the hate Obama gets from you guys should be directed towards the system that allowed him to be elected. The candidates you support are no different and you are delusional to think otherwise.

I've had enough!

Even among those who would never consider themselves to be racially biased, there is inherent discord with seeing an African American family inhabit the white house (in a position other than the help). If you ask many of his critics to specifically explain their “hatred” for the president, you will not get a true or accurate response. In the case of the GOP, they early on decided they wanted Obama out of office with all due speed. Any criticism they have of him after that point (before even his first 100 days in office) can’t be trusted.

Of course he’s racist. He’s a Republican. They don’t call it the Bigot Party for nothing!

It’s about time I stated the Obvious. YOU are the racist, scumbag liar that can’t stand having a black man as President. You R-Tarded proves that fact!

I think the radical GOP is fueled by a dangerous mix of racism, homophobia, hatred for the poor and vulnerable, women's reproductive freedom and war mongering that is to me dangerously close to 1936.

Pugnacious said...

And Bo don't need no teleprompter!

Ditto, Ron Paul.

Pugnacious said...

Dr. Ron Paul on Obama's extra-judicial lynchings by ground cockpit controlled homicidal drones.