Wednesday, February 22, 2012

March is Thank a Democrat Month!

    It looks like we may be headed towards $6 a gallon gas. It could put the economy back into a tailspin.
    Remember some years back when the liberals wailed that there was no need to drill in the Arctic wasteland because any oil found wouldn't benefit us for several years? Well, the several years are up and we sure could use the oil. But because of Democrats, we don't have any.
    The Democrats have steadfastly refused to allow drilling in the Arctic wasteland; they've blocked super-safe shallow-ocean drilling; they've opposed the conversion of oil shale into oil; they've even blocked the building of pipelines to bring much-needed oil from Canada to the U.S.
    And so our nation is going further and further into debt. Americans are paying higher and higher prices for gas to countries full of people who want nothing more than to blow up a stock exchange, airliner or major American landmark.
    Make no mistake, this has been an intentional plot by Democrats to cut off America's energy supply to further their radical global warming agenda. But all they've done is to wreck our economy and strengthen our enemies.
    So, be it resolved, I hereby declare the Month of March "Thank a Democrat Month."
    When you're busy pumping that $6-a-gallon gas, thank a Democrat. When you hear about what a shambles our economy is in, thank a Democrat. When nations that hate America humiliate us because we have to grovel for their oil, thank a Democrat. (Oh, and while we're at it, when your insurance premium skyrockets because the Democrats think they can just give away free medical care with a magic wand, thank a Democrat).
    So don't worry Democrats. We're willing to let you take all the credit. So thanks for everything. And don't worry, we won't forget you!


Kent said...

Amen brother! Makes so mad I could scream! We are at war within our own borders.

Pugnacious said...

The US is a NET exporter of oil!

All that sweet crude up in North Dakota is being loaded on railcar tankers and going into Canada. And all that heavy crude from Canada that'll go to Houston refineries is destined for foreign markets and US military bases in occupied lands across the world.

Until we plug that $3,000,000,000,000(2002 figures) rathole in Israel, the MICA(military/industrial/congressional/academic) complex will drag the US further into the abyss.

Oh, there is one bright spot:the newly "cracked" Pennsylvania METH(ane) will allow Duke energy to bring out those "mothballed" electric generation facilities that the Sierra Club warned Posey and Bentz about during the hearings on MPC's experimental Kemper County Gasification Plant.

A similar experimental gasification project by the parent Southern Company in Orlando was axed when MPC's terms on its construction costs put the burden on the consumers during the construction phase...the same terms that Bentz and Posey flip-flopped and voted to accept.

Maybe Bentz and Posy were made a deal they couldn't refuse.

Anyone remember MPC's Jake Horton?

Pugnacious said...

Jake Horton was VP of Gulf Power, not MPC;Gulf Power. like MPC, is a subsidiary of The Southern Company. The two pilots that died in the fiery crash with Jake were from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I spoke to a friend of the co-pilot who told me that to even talk of the crash was grounds for dismisal by MPC.

Pugnacious said...

From the Link;the bloody fingerprints of Mossad are all over this hit, reminiscent of Gerry Bull's "liquidation."

...Double Homicide
"The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Pensacola, Fkorida is assisting the Jackson County, Florida Sheriff's Office with an investigation into a double homicide which occured on January 29, 1989 in northwest Florida.
One of the victims was thumbcuffed from behind, and both victims, Robert and Kathryn McRae, were shot once in the back of the head with a small caliber weapon.
A spent 124 grain 9mm Israeli TZZ cartidge and two ski masks were discoverd at the scene and personal property had been taken."
In subsequent reports and news articles it was said that all that was taken was Mrs. McRae's ring and possibly her husband's wallet had been emptied.
The authorities think there is a tie between this murder and the murder and arson of another couple in McCalla, Alabama in 1989. A.C. Worthy and wife Carolyn.
I wonder if the tie is ballistics. The same type of machine gun cartridge was found at the Worthy scene.
Now why would a machine gun be necessary to kill two elderly couples who were tied up and presented no threat?
Sending a message perhaps?
Why haven't these cases been solved?
No DNA that can be tested now from the ski masks? Maybe they were throw downs on the scenes.
Something reeks of hands off and cover up in both cases.

Pugnacious said...

firery exploded in midair, not on impact with terra firma.