Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Student Columnist: Blacks can't be racist

A columnist for the Ole Miss Daily Mississippi, whom I presume to be black, explains in today's paper why it is impossible for blacks to be racist or to discriminate against whites. Don't laugh -- this view is quite common amongst blacks.

An excerpt from Racism is one-way street:
No one can argue against the overwhelming power of the white race.
They are the elite, they are the policy makers and their sheer numbers make them the deciding factor on almost all popular opinions.
By simply being the majority, they hold enough of the powerful positions to deny loans, to deny access to country clubs, to charge more and effectively oppress the minority.
In return, what can be done against them?
The majority cannot be discriminated against; they cannot be oppressed and any allegations of such is an obvious cry for pity that should be ignored.
No minority has the power to limit or influence the opportunities of the white majority, and in actuality, most minorities barely have the power to influence their own opportunities......

My reply to the author could go on for pages. I would only say that any time a person is in a position to harm another, then that person is certainly able to discriminate against that person. And the notion that blacks can't be racist is just ridiculous. I would also point out that in many parts of the country whites make up a small minority of the population. Can they be discriminated against then?

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