Friday, January 25, 2008

Company wants DeLaughter rulings examined

DeLaughter subject of new legal wrangling reports the NE Mississippi Daily Journal.

JACKSON - Attorneys representing a North Carolina aerospace company that is being sued in circuit court of Hinds County want the rulings in the case to be examined because of the ongoing judicial bribery investigation surrounding Judge Bobby DeLaughter.

The case - Eaton Corp. vs. Jeffrey Frisby el al - was being heard by DeLaughter.

Former Booneville attorney Joey Langston pleaded guilty Jan. 7 in federal court in Oxford to offering DeLaughter a bribe through former Hinds County District Attorney Ed Peters in another case.

In motions filed in Hinds County, the attorneys representing Frisby said it has come to their attention through what appeared to be accidental e-mails that Peters was working on behalf of Eaton in the case.DeLaughter was a prosecutor for Peters when he was district attorney.

In Langston's plea agreement, he admits he worked with Peters and former state Auditor Steven Patterson to influence DeLaughter to rule favorably in a legal-fees lawsuit. DeLaughter has denied he did anything wrong.The Frisby attorneys also accused Eaton of "illegal compensation to a fact witness" in their case...more...

A bigger mess than this I have never seen. Does anyone doubt that dozens, if not hundreds, of cases involving these clowns currently named and yet unknown in this unfolding scandal are going to have to be reviewed and perhaps reopened? Normally once an appeal deadline passes that's it and the case is over forever, but surely that won't apply where there is evidence of misconduct by a judge and one party to the suit. It will be interesting to see.

Of course, everyone is innocent until proven otherwise, and often what looks like criminal behavior is merely horribly unethical. But we'll see.

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