Monday, January 28, 2008

Mispronounced word costs principal his job

I posted a little headline a few days ago about Jr. High principal Darrel Tucker being cleared of using the "n-word" over a school intercom that appeared in The Panolian, Rumor Dispelled. Apparently nobody heard the principal use this word right away, but after some thought and talking some people decided he must have used this word. One poster in the comments section, who apparently actually heard the comment, said he or she believe the principal was reading something and stumbled over the word "ignorance," which with the "n" and the "r" sound might have sounded like the "n-word."

The school superintendent conducted an investigation, all of the teachers were asked to write down what they heard, and the principal was cleared.

There were apparently some racially motivated protests and the principal was then removed, even though he had been found to have done nothing wrong. The Panolian, Letter sent home. The comments on both stories are as enlightening as the stories themselves.

There's plenty of racism in evidence here, but it doesn't appear to be from Mr. Tucker. I guess anyone making announcements over an intercom would to well to tape record their comments from now on.

Meanwhile, in other Panola County news, the North Panola school district doesn't seem to be doing so well: State school board mum, but takeover of NP creeps closer.

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