Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sen. Cochran endorses Romney

Cochran jumps to Romney reports The Hill and other news outlets.

Senate Appropriations Committee ranking Republican Thad Cochran (Miss.) announced Wednesday that he is supporting former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the GOP primary, making him the first backer of former Sen. Fred Thompson (Tenn.) to endorse another candidate.

Romney hopes that Thompson supporters will vote for him in Florida next week. Winning the support of a veteran Southern senator like Cochran might help him reach that goal.
The Mississippi senator, in an interview with MSNBC, cited Romney’s economic experience as a major draw for voters seeking a president who can strengthen business.

“I think Gov. Romney has laid out some ideas that will be received very well by the Congress: reducing taxes, letting people who are earning money from savings accounts, who are middle-class investors, be able to derive those benefits tax-free,” Cochran said. “This will encourage more saving; it will help strengthen our economy.”

The senator said Romney would bring to the White House the ability to work across party lines and “the same quality of leadership that he brought to the state of Massachusetts.”

It's good to know Cochran was able to find a candidate who could work across party lines. But isn't that why we're supposed to vote against McCain?

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