Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Coach O now a Saint

Saints hire Orgeron as defensive line coach reports the New Orleans Times-Picayune. In other matters, Ole Miss just paid Coach O $1.2 million in a lump sum instead of the $1.35 million he was to receive over the next two years, at his request.

I'll dispense with running the first graphs of the news story, you can follow the link above. The comments from the Times-Picayune readers are more interesting:

I think Coach O was a good hire for the Saints. I commend Sean for hiring him. Ed his a hard worker and put his all into everything hedoes. He's a good man. I am so proud for Ed.

Good hire??? I thought it was an April fool's joke when I hear they were considering him! This dude won, what? Nine games in three years at Ole Miss (maybe it was 10??). If you stink up the joint as a head coach at the college level then I have some major concerns about what he'll do in the NFL.
Maybe he'll do some Hummer commercials when he gets to New Orleans.

If he was so successful at all or his previous locations, why is he out of a job now?

You have to admit that hiring a defensive coach (any D coach) at this point, is a very, very good sign that the Saints are indeed serious about becoming better then they currently are.
Orgeron may not have set the world on fire as the Head Coach at Ole Miss, but he is apparently HIGHLY regarded as a defensive line coach, as Loomis stated in this article. Read what the aricle says....
"His reputation precedes him," Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis said. "He's a fantastic coach. He's done a great job at every place that he's been. And we got so many recommendations from people that have worked with him and played for him, that it was kind of overwhelming to be honest with you."
For those that look as his Head Coaching record and compare THAT to what he will be required to do for the Saints, those "fans" don't understand what Orgeron's true value is to this team.
With Head Coaching experience and very, very successful outcomes as a D-Line coach, this is almost a no-brainer for the Saints.
You can't compare is Head Coaching pitfalls to his hugely successful D-Line creations of his past. As a D-Line coach he had more recommendations than anyone out there, which tells me that Sean Payton is serious about having each of his units perform to some of the top levels of the NFL........

By the way, here's the famous Hummer ad:

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