Friday, September 19, 2014

Jane's Law Blog one of the best for reading about Mississippi court news; I've added it to my blog list

    Jane Tucker of Jackson has a new and one of the best blogs in the state covering the courts and the legal system. You can find her blog on the list on the left side of this page, or by clicking here.
    I was in law school with Jane. She has an acid wit and keen intellect. She's posted a few impressive wins of late in the Supreme Court.
    I confess that I haven't visited her blog much in the past few weeks. Now that I've got it on my blog sidebar I will be able to see each time she posts something new. And you, dear reader, may as well.

    In other housekeeping matters, I've fixed the links to "All Mississippi Dailies" and "All Mississippi Non-dailies," which can be found in the upper right-hand corner of this blog page.
    Several years ago when I created this blog template most of these newspapers could be accessed for free. Today most have a pay wall. But the link is there, anyway.

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