Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's good to know you have seating for disabled, but I'm not happy about disabled feature on website

    I clearly need lessons in expressing myself more clearly. Here is an email I wrote today to today to the Memphis Symphony Orchestra after visiting their website and finding that I couldn't select which section I'd like to buy tickets in.
    The only option was to take the "Best Available" tickets, which are $79. I can't afford this, and from my prior visit to the Cannon Center in Memphis I found that every seat is a good one.

Subject: Have you disabled seat section selection?
I know the orchestra is trying to raise more money, but I can't afford to buy the most expensive tickets. That is the only option I am given when I try to buy tickets online. In the end I think you will sell fewer tickets this way. Or perhaps this is just a problem with the website?

Oxford, Mississippi

    And their response:

I apologize for the inconvenience of purchasing tickets online.  We do have disabled access seating in most price ranges of the Cannon Center for our First Tennessee Masterworks and Pops concerts.  Accessible seating is also available at Germantown Performing Arts Center for the Sunday Masterworks, but all seats there are the same price of $45.  For our Paul & Linnea Bert Classic Accent series, again the seating is all the same price, $39, at LIndenwood Christian Church and it does offer accessible seating.
If you would like any assistance in reserving your seats, please feel free to call the Memphis Symphony Box Office during our business hours, Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. 
    I don't want wheelchair seating. I just want to pick my section! I'm sure I will manage to get orchestra tickets before it's over.
    The Memphis Symphony Orchestra has a slightly less ambitious schedule this year, but they still have some very interesting performances. I'd like to see Ride of the Valkyries on Nov. 15 -- thankfully Ole Miss isn't playing that weekend -- and Beethoven's Ninth Symphony on May 2.
    Click here to see their calendar of events.

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