Friday, September 19, 2014

California national merit surnames: Chen, 62; Kim, 41; Zhang, 34; Brown, 4; Jones, 3; Smith, 1

    A member of the College Confidential forum has one of the most interesting posts I've read in a long time. It's a list of the most common surnames of California National Semifinalists for the Class of 2015.
    He also has a link to a list of every California National Merit Semifinalist.
    The first thing I wondered after seeing the California list was whether there were any Smiths. There was one; and three Joneses, and three Williamses.

    For those of you unwilling to follow the links above, here is the list of the most common surnames among California National Merit Semifinalists.
Most represented last names:
(1/3 of CA semifinalists had one of these last names)
68 Lee or Li
62 Chen
44 Wang
41 Kim
34 Zhang
30 Liu
25 Huang
24 Wu
19 Lin, Lu, Park
18 Xu
17 Chang, Yang
14 Wong
12 Zhu
11 Nguyen
10 Cheng, Hu, Zhou,
9 Cho, Chung, Ho, Patel(or Patil)
8 Gao, Kuo, Shen, Sun
7 Tran, Yu
6 Agrawal(var. spellings), Cai, Chiang, Chu, Deng, Feng, Guo, Gupta, He, Liao, Lim, Luo, Ma, Peng, Su, Wei, Yuan, Zhao
694 SUBTOTAL 33% 

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