Tuesday, August 26, 2014

As the government tries to ban salt from our schools, study shows eating salt promotes good health

    In the "why we need less federal government intrusion" department, a new study finds that reasonable or even slightly high levels of salt in the diet do no harm. In fact, the most dangerous sodium intake level is the very-low-salt diet, such as the one the government is forcing on our school children.
    Schools across the nation have been scrambling in an effort to meet federal demands that school lunches have ultra-low-sodium. Aside from making food taste good, salt is an important ingredient that improves both texture and shelf life of baked goods.
    School lunch prices for full-pay students have skyrocketed this year, pursuant to federal mandates that schools serve unhealthy meals low in sodium. We are -- as is always the case with the federal government -- paying more to get less.
    Some people, such as those with high blood pressure, should limit salt intake. But for the rest of us, salt is good food.

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