Tuesday, August 19, 2014

National media lend hand to race riots by portraying murderous thug as angelic college student

Liberal darling Michael Brown robs a convenience store just minutes
before his death while charging a policeman.
    It's interesting how the media works hard to portray violent criminals like Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin as angelic victims of the excesses of white people.
    Here's how The New Yorker described the death of Michael Brown, of Ferguson, Mo., in a August 11, 2014, article entitled "Why Did Micheal Brown Die?":
Michael Brown didn’t die in the dark. He was eighteen years old, walking down a street in Ferguson, Missouri, from his apartment to his grandmother’s, at 2:15 on a bright Saturday afternoon. He was, for a young man, exactly where he should be—among other things, days away from his first college classes. A policeman stopped him; it’s not clear why. People in the neighborhood have told reporters that they remember what happened next as a series of movements: the officer, it seemed to them, trying to put Brown into a car; Brown running with his hands in the air; the policeman shooting; Brown falling. The next morning, Jon Belmar, the police chief of St. Louis County, which covers Ferguson, was asked, at a press conference, how many times Brown had been shot. Belmar said that he wasn’t sure: “more than just a couple of times, but not much more.” When counting bullets, “just” and “not much more” are odd words to choose.
    And then.....
How does the choreography of Michael Brown’s afternoon form a story that makes sense?  It cannot, or must not, be easier for the police to shoot at an eighteen-year-old who is running—away from the officer, not toward him—with his empty hands showing, than to chase him, drive after him, do anything other than kill him. Teen-agers may not always be prudent; there is no death penalty for that, or shouldn’t be.  
    Now let's look at the facts. Yes, Michael Brown was walking down the street -- the middle of the street -- in broad daylight. He looked to be high on drugs. He had just robbed a convenience store and beaten the owner in order to steal a box of Swisher Sweets cigars. A policeman told him to get out of the middle of the street, at which point Brown -- no doubt thinking he was about to be appreheded for his robbery -- attacked the policeman and attempted to get his gun and murder him. Brown then fled, but later turned and charged the policeman, again in what can only be presumed an effort to murder him. The policeman fired, and felled the thug as he was charging him, with Brown's body finally coming to rest a mere three feet from the policeman.
    In order to further the myth that blacks are somehow frequently mistreated at the hands of the police The New Yorker -- and many other media outlets -- printed things which simply were not true. For example, it said that Brown was shot while running from police. Yet three different autopsies have found that all of the bullet wounds entered Brown's body from the front, as Brown was charging and attempting to murder the policeman.
    In order to keep the false impression that Michael Brown was some type of victim, the racist Obama administration pressured the Ferguson Police Department not to release video showing Brown robbing the convenience store just minutes before he attacked the policeman. It was important to Obama and Eric Holder that the false sense of black grievance not be tamped down to ensure continued rioting and looting in the streets.
    Certainly there should be people in the streets, but these people should be celebrating the death of notorious thug Michael Brown, not blaming the police for his wrongful death. Since when is it wrong for a policeman to shoot a robber who is in the process of trying to murder him?
    A look at statistics shows that black-on-white violent crime is endemic; White-on-black crime is uncommon. If we're going to keep score of every racial wrong, then let's do it properly; let's keep score. Because a proper accounting shows that blacks aren't suffering at the hands of whites; it's the other way around.

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