Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ole Miss Sigma Nu has year's most famous party after video published on Gawker, TotalFratMove

    (UPDATE: This story and video are now viral.)

    You know it was a great party when both Total Frat Move and Gawker share your video.
    That's what's going on with the video of the this year's Ole Miss Sigma Nu spring party, with a Woodstock theme. The fraternity, or somebody involved in the fraternity, got Oxford-based Skymasters Photography to create a video of the event. Apparently using a drone to film a fraternity party is so over the top that nobody had thought of it until now.
    Gawker and Total Frat Move both picked up the video from Youtube after is was uploaded on June 9. The video has been viewed almost 25,000 times since then. The music is Slow Down by, appropriately enough, Poolside.
Jenner Jordan
(Click to enlarge)
    Skymasters is owned by recent Ole Miss grad Jenner Jordan, a former writer and photographer for You can read his bio here.
    I've got to say, it looks like it was a great party, and it certainly makes Ole Miss look like a fun place to be. It's a good recruitment video for both Sigma Nu and Ole Miss. So congratulations to all involved.
    I bet we'll see more of these party vids next year. Party on, dudes.

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