Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Election update: Turnout low on the Coast, up in Madison County

    This post will be updated as the day or evening goes on:    

    Here are a few election items gleaned from Faceboook and Internet news sites:

    Turnout at the Oxford 2 precinct was up slightly when I voted at 11 a.m. I predict that about 100 additional voters will vote in this box, and most will be for Cochran.

    The Sun Herald reports that turnout on the Gulf Coast is very, very slow. Few voters, and few volunteers outside polling places. A low turnout here hurts Cochran.

    A friend's Facebook message said the turnout at the Holly Springs National Guard Armory was beyond low. "Wish I could say we are really busy, but it is very slow. Didn't think it could get much slower than last time, but I was wrong." This is bad for Cochran, but not many votes here in any event.

    Jim Prince reports that turnout is up in Madison County. This is Cochran Country. Another Facebook friend reports that Coahoma County turnout is up slightly. A few extra votes for Cochran.

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