Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lucy Hurdle, RINO hunter

    Jinny, my daughter Lucy and I were talking about the Cochran-McDaniel senate campaign, including some of Cochran's gaffes on the campaign. No need to repeat them all here. I'll make a list later.
    However, I told Lucy that Cochran was not even aware that House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor had been trounced in the Republican primary. Lucy didn't know who Eric Cantor was, so I set out to explain.

Me: "Eric Cantor is the Republican Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. He's a conservative, but he supported amnesty for illegal aliens."

Lucy: "Well then he's not a conservative."

    I might add that Lucy almost snapped her line. She's 14 and she's figured out what it's all about. Why can't our Democrat and Republican overlords?

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