Thursday, February 13, 2014

Today's travel tip: If you are going to make a mistake booking a flight, don't do it during snowstorm

    Here's a travel tip for you. Although most airline tickets come with big cancellation fees, most airlines also give customers 24 hours to cancel a booking without penalty. So if in doubt, go ahead and book the flight -- you can cancel later if you need to.
    Jinny recently made an airline booking for the wrong week. All she had to do was call Egencia, the business version of Expedia, and ask them to cancel her flight.
    Of course, she picked a day when airlines were cancelling thousands of flights due to weather, with even more expected to be cancelled. After three or four hours she got someone on the phone and they cancelled her flight with no penalty save for the loss of her time.
    So if you are going to make an error booking a flight, don't do it during a major winter snow storm.

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