Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Here's a Google search that ought to make you think a bit about campus hate vandalism with nooses

    UPDATE: Three Ole Miss students from Georgia have apparently admitted to placing the noose and flag on the Meredith. Assuming this information is correct, this event clearly was not a hoax.
    I'll have a blog post later. This is the first campus case I've been able to find where white racist, students have left an anonymous noose or drawings of a noose. There have been a number of cases where either black students or "progressive" whites have done so to increase "racism" awareness.
    It's important in a case like this to consider every possibility: that it might be legitimate, it might not be; that it might be students, it might not be. Those who jumped the gun and said "Students Did It," up front turned out to be right, but they were wrong to do this.

    If you want to see something interesting, go to Google and type in the words "campus hate hoax noose." Or you can just click on the link I've provided. It will return approximately 14,500,000 items.
    I'm not going to summarize the myriad race hate hoaxes over the last couple of decades. That's why I've provided the link. What I will say is that when a noose is involved it is usually planted by a minority or "progressive" white trying to raise awareness of "racism." Apparently nooses are to real racists as quiche is to real men.
    Don't miss the compilation of columns by Michele Malkin, who has written exhaustively on campus race hoaxes, some involving nooses, others not. At least someone is trying to raise awareness of campus hoaxes!
    The response to these hoaxes is always the same. Campus sit-ins, awareness events, and minority demands for whatever it is they feel like demanding at the time.
    Sort of like the past few days at Ole Miss. A protest was organized at the site of the vandalism of a statue honoring Ole Miss' first black student, James Meredith. A noose had been placed around his neck and he was draped with a cape fashioned from a pre-2001 Georgia flag, which features a large Confederate emblem. African American Studies professor Bryan Cooper Owens is quoted in The Daily Mississippian as saying:
    “Until the university begins to address the real issues of systemic institutionalized racism on this campus, until they begin to take seriously the environment of white supremacy that exists on this campus, we will continue to see incidents like this,” Cooper Owens said.
    “If there is a pattern, it is no longer individuals,” Cooper Owens said in regards to those responsible for “symbolically lynching” the James Meredith statue, a campus representation of unity and courage amongst whites and blacks. “We can’t say it was ‘these outsiders’ — no, it was us.”    
    Note how important it is for Cooper Owners to make the claim that the vandalism was the result of institutionalized racism instead of the act of one or two criminals. He's not seeking justice for those who committed this act. He's seeking political advantage. At this point there's not even a scintilla of evidence that a student committed this crime, but he's certainly acting like one did.
    Mississippi NAACP president Derrick Johnson used the opportunity to complain about the school's street names. "You cannot have a university where, when you turn down the main drag, it's called Confederate Drive." Well, Mr. Johnson, yes you can. For what it's worth Ole Miss also has a Union Loop. Ole Miss is for equal opportunity, something Mr. Johnson apparently knows little about.
    Still others are using the event to demand that Mississippi get rid of its flag, which was adopted in 1894 and readopted by an overwhelming bi-racial margin in 2001. In fact, the use of the old Georgia flag is one of the facts that leads me to believe the Meredith vandalism may be a politically motivated hoax.
    The race-hustler crowd likes to equate the Mississippi flag and the old Georgia flag when in fact the two have nothing in common from a historical standpoint. The Mississippi flag was adopted in 1894 when school segregation was not even an issue. The inclusion of the Confederate banner was designed to honor our ancestors. Georgia, however, placed the Confederate flag in its state flag in 1956 as a direct response to the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education decision, in support of segregation. As a result the Georgia flag was eventually changed. It all goes to intent.
    But the haters want to equate the two. And that's why I think the Georgia flag was used. They aren't exactly easy to find.
    In 2002 there was a serious incident with racist graffiti being drawn on doors in Kincannon dormitory at Ole Miss. The depiction of nooses was included. Next up was the anti-racism rally, with everyone standing up to imaginary racism. Imaginary because it was all a hoax; it was perpetrated by blacks who were not prosecuted. In fact, part of the pattern over the past 20 years is that the hoaxsters are usually not prosecuted, and often their identities are shielded by the universities where they committed their crimes.
    The Meredith vandalism may not be a hoax, but I've offered to wager heads-up on the matter with two different friends and they've both declined. But no matter who did it or what their motive was, it is still vandalism, and when the criminals are caught they should be punished whether they are racists, anti-racists, or just drunks.


Anonymous said...

huh damn liberal white from Georgia must have done this to make Ole'Miss look worse then UGA! By the way this is meant to be sarcastic

Col. Reb Sez said...

Certainly looks like it's not a race hoax at this time. It does not change the fact that the overwhelming majority of anonymous noose cases fitting this profile are hoaxes. Nor does it make it right to blame the student body as a whole for the behavior of three people.

Pugnacious said...

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Pugnacious said...

Will the REAL Ben please stand up?

Pugnacious said...

Obviously, Susassippi--her mouth dropped to the floor after reading your comments in the NYT--wasn't around in 2002 when NYT reporter, Judith Miller, was publishing her scoops on Saddam Hussein's WMD program(chemical, biological and nuclear) in violation of the UN mandate to destroy them. This was in stark contrast to Scott Ritter and his UN weapons team claims that Saddam Hussein had complied with the UN mandate, based upon their on-the-ground inspections.

Judith Miller had lied and knowingly fed false intelligence from the Israelis and Ahamad Chalabai to the press and the Bush War Party, leading to the unnecessary deaths of millions, not including the deaths of 1.5 million Iraqi civilians--650,000 of whom were infants and toddlers, defined by the UN as children under five-years of age--who died as the direct result Kofi Anon's UN Starvation sanctions. And Secretay of State Madelein Allbright tells CBS' Leslie Stahl that the deaths of these 650,000 children were worth the price to remove Saddam Hussein from power. And Kofi Anon goes on to win the Nobel Peace Prize!

Pugnacious said...

Judith Miller's Hoax:

Pugnacious said...

Time to unmask a REAL master-hoaxer at Tom's Place.

Will the REAL Ben please stand up?

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Check this out:The REAL Ben's shredding documents at wikipedia!

Pugnacious said...

Check out "bizarro" brother Ralph Toledano's wikipage entries, in particular the link to Ralph's Frankfurt School Conspiracy thesis. I suspect that Ralph's wikipage will undergo a revision with certain incriminating entries ending on the cutting-room floor.

Pugnacious said...

As my father would say, you are a "glutton for punishment" for venturing into Tom's Lions den where expressing dissent is restricted to a tiny coterie of "hoax deniers." The same can be said for TBA and Brad De Long(Tom's Blog link) where there is zero tolerance for uncovering inconvenient facts of REAL world history particularlly, WWII. I once exposed to Anderson(before I was banned from his blog) that POTUS Eisenhower had ordered the DIA to assassinate the newly elected(and first post-colonial) President of the Congo, Patrice Lumumba. I received some snarky comment claiming that Kennedy was President at the time. I revealed to him that the murder happened weeks before JFK was sworn into office, but Kennedy had to have known of the planned murder. Anderson never responded. I posted a link to the Larry Devlin YouTube video documentary. He never responded.

And thanks for forcing the Real Tom to lace his scholarlly missives with all that SCAT...I knew he had it in him. I suspect he's been schmoozing way too long with those Hollywood types that he represents. Kingfish proves one can engage in Jackassery without lacing it with "SCAT."

Now PIKE talks about the "lynchings." I wonder if he's aware of the Barksdale-financed CIA school of cyber war assassins and clandestine services operating on the Ole Miss campus in the shadow of the Meredith statue? And the victims of Obama's extra-legal drone assassination are the peoples of Africa and the Middle East, most of whom were the innocent extended family members of CIA "targets." More Sons of Ham have already died at the hands of POTUS Obama(not including the targets of Navy Secretary Mabus' newest ship-launched drone killings) than ever died from the actions of the Sons of the South.

My mother told me "once" long ago that "nice people do not go where they are not wanted."

They would make a great US foreign policy, too! That, and "Do Unto Others...."

Pugnacious said...


Chill out and take a qualude! I fell your pain and understand your skepticism of the perpetrators of this prank gone viral. You're just giving the "rat packs" more cannon fodder.

Man the cannons! Take the offense.

The event at Ole Miss can hardly be declared a "hoax," as there is no denial of what occurred there, only the question of the motives of those who carried out the noose and flag plants. Did "sock puppets" carry out the event to place blame on a third party so as to incite racial discord among the University student body for some political design? If so it fits the definition of a "False Flag" event, not a "hoax."

The documented cases of False Flag events conducted by the governments of US and Israel--most times conducted in concert-- are legendary:the sinking of the USS Maine;the USS Liberty attacks;Israel's Lavon Affair;the Lockerbie Pan Am 103 downing;and the Berlin La Belle Disco bombing just to name a few. All of those false flag events led to the deaths of innocents based upon lies and deception, and in the case of the "Maine," to a declaration of war on Spain.

California Congressman Tom Lantos' "Kuwait Incubator" lies and deception can be described as a "hoax," for that event never occurred, but it was believed to have been a fact, and it led the US Congress and the UN to authorize the terror bombing if Iraq.

The Mother of All Karmas:

Pugnacious said...

I see that Ben is still shredding documents over at Wikipedia. Even removing his donated "exhibits" from the Earl Long collection at the Tulane archives. Why? I do not know why he speaks anonymously from behind the NMC curtain over at NMC. Maybe he'll remove the mask . Ben is capable of much more than the vitrolic hatred and bitterness that he spews over at NMC. Ben, like Huey P. Long, is capable of great prose when the occasion arises, as revealed in the link below. And kudos to Ben's coming to the Kingfish's aid when Tom was casting aspersions at Long's 1930s "corn pone" stump speeches.