Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's been a day of industry, with house cleaning, office building, and Mardi Gras wreath making

    Today has been a day of industry at the Col. Reb household.
    Jinny and I started out our day cleaning. I pitched in without even being asked to or yelled at.
    After a while her dad showed up. He's been helping us to convert an attic space into an office. When we bought our house this attic space didn't even have a floor. We immediately floored it, but later decided it would make a good office space. We made good progress today on our attic conversion.
    Of course, we've now lost storage space. But we have some more unfloored attic space that I am in the process of flooring. So we'll again have about 125 sq. ft. of floored attic storage space, plus our garage.
    Jinny decided to undertake the making of a few Mardi Gras wreaths and bought the supplies a week or two ago. Or some of the supplies. I decided we needed the happy-sad faces and the feather masks and ordered them off Amazon for a buck each. Lucy was in charge of the glitter. Glitter, by the way, if very difficult to get out of a kitchen once it gains a good foothold. So the wreaths were a family affair.
    Our attic office will be finished in a few days. Our Mardi Gras wreaths are finished, and one is hanging on our front door. And our house is, if not clean, at least cleaner than it was this morning.
    Now if I could just get the garage cleaned up!

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