Friday, September 16, 2011

Jacob Briscoe found!

    Just over two weeks ago I posted about the apparent parental kidnapping of the son of a friend of mine (Jacob Briscoe kidnapped; have you seen him?).
    One of the reasons I posted is that sometimes I get Google searches that send people to my site. As a practical matter I only got about 10 people who came to this site after searching the name "Jacob Briscoe," but I figured it couldn't hurt to help get the word out.
    According to the Save Jacob Briscoe page on Facebook, Jacob has been found and reunited with Wally (see photo). Jacob is fine. His mother was apparently taken into custody somewhere in Kentucky.
    Congratulations Wally, and may God bless both of you.


Anonymous said...

Wonder what part of Kentucky?

Anonymous said...

he was found in Burkesville, Ky. At the local park with the mother.