Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hello! Texas A & M is not in the Southeast!

    I'm not the world's biggest sports fan, so I suppose those who are more knowledgeable about these things can declare that I don't know what I'm talking about. But can anybody make a good, honest case for bringing Texas A&M into the Southeastern Conference?
    I'm aware that it's a fine school with a very competitive football program. On paper its additional makes the SEC a more competitive conference.
    But there are some obvious problems, the most glaring being that Texas isn't in the Southeast. A quibble, I know, but if the SEC is going to add Texas A&M, why stop there? Why not go for UCLA? Or Ohio State? Michigan, anyone?
    Thirteen isn't just an unlucky number, it's also a bit unwieldy for a football conference. At some point a conference has enough teams. The idea is that the conferences are supposed to compete against one another. That's hard to do when all the teams are in a single conference.
    Supposedly there are plans to expand the SEC to 16 schools. Candidates include West Virginia, Missouri, North Carolina State, Virgina Tech, Florida State, Georgia Tech and Clemson. West Virginia and Missouri generally aren't thought of as being in the Southeast, and as such shouldn't be in the SEC. The rest of the teams would be fine were it not for the need to limit the number of teams at some point.
    This is a done deal as far as the SEC is concerned. They've voted and Texas has accepted. The only stumbling block now is that Baylor is threatening to sue to keep A&M in the Big 12. I wish Baylor the best of luck.
    Texas is a fine state, but it needs to keep Texas A&M right where it is, and we need to keep the SEC just like it is.

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