Monday, September 19, 2011

Have you seen this boat?

    There is an ad on Craigslist about a boat which has been stolen and believed to be in the Oxford area. The boat belongs to a soldier who is on duty in Iraq and had the boat on consignment. It doesn't quite jump out from the photo, but if you look you will see the boat has a Confederate Flag design. So it shouldn't be hard to spot!
    According to the poster of the ad, someone purchased the boat with promises to make payments until they obtained financing. The boat is believed to have then been sold without a title and is believed to be in the Oxford area. So apparently someone in the Oxford area is believed to have bought this bought without getting good title. They likely were scammed, too.
    The missing boat is a 2009 Stingray Open Bow, Texas Registration TX 6303 AY. The Hull ID # is PNYUS5P4A909. The boat is covered with Confederate Flag Vinyl Graphics, has a wakeboard tower, whatever that is, and a Black Roadmaster/Stringray Trailer, TX Registration 38426A.
    This boat was last seen in the possession of Christopher Barrett, DOB 3/17/75.
    There is a pretty substantial reward for the recovery of this boat, which I am sure that any of you who find it as a result of seeing it on this blog will want to share with me!!! If you've seen his boat, call 512-577-1772 or email
    That's 512-577-1772.

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